Changing Your Wardrobe When Changing Your Career

Changing Your Wardrobe When Changing Your Career

If you are thinking about a career change, the last thing you want to do is look out of place. You need to adapt your wardrobe to your new role, and become a new person. You can still maintain your personal style, but look the part. Office workers don’t look like teachers, and vice versa. If you would like to adapt your wardrobe while not looking like everyone else, read the below guide.

Research the New Role Requirements

Before you become the new member of the workforce, you need to know exactly what your daily work will involve. For example, if you just gained a bls certification and would like to work in the field, you need to know where you will be based. It is important to know whether you will need to travel, and which activities you have to complete each workday. If you will be meeting the public, you will need to look professional and organized, but if you work in the background, you should focus on comfort.

Consider Health and Safety

In some roles, health and safety are important. You might want to avoid high heels if you have to climb up and down the stairs all day. If you are working in a restaurant, you will need to be presentable, but a comfortable shoe is essential to avoid returning home at night with a blister. You may need to tie your hair back if you work with food and drinks. If you become a stewardess, you might want to get supportive tights and stockings, to protect yourself from varicose veins.

Add a Personal Touch

No matter what the workplace standard is at your new company, you can always stand out from the crowd by adding a personal touch. Use accessories cleverly, and invest in scarves and ties when you redesign your wardrobe. Make a list of closet essentials you are likely to need in your new role, including a business suit if you will become a consultant, as well as a smart handbag. Try changing your watch and get matching earrings for your new outfits. You can also use your own colors to be unique while blending into your new environment.

Ask for Advice

If you are not sure what the custom in your new industry is, you can ask people who have already been doing the job for a while. Another method is that you check out how your boss dresses and adjust your wardrobe to theirs. Talk to your future colleagues, and visit the office before you start. Talk to people on LinkedIn, and check out their profile.

Starting a new role is challenging, If you did the same job for a long time, you will need to change your mindset, as well as the way you dress. Chances are that you will need to wear a uniform most of the time, and this will make your life easier. However, if this is not the case, check out blogs and guides online to make sure your closet is ready for your new job, just like you are.

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