Change Your Life And Accomplish More: Three Areas To Work On

3 ways to change your life

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we can feel a little trapped by the daily grind. The same routines day-in-day-out, the same income, the same people, and the same relationships. While some areas of our life may be flourishing, thriving, and abundant, there could be parts of our daily routine that is bringing us down and affecting everything else. It happens! It takes a lot of awareness and conscious decision-making to be completely happy with every aspect of our lives. Most people don’t admit it, but to be truly happy, it is something that we must work on daily to ensure that we achieve it.

So what can you do right this minute to change your life? Perfect question! Today I wanted to share three areas that will drastically make an impact on your daily experience and assist in achieving more of what you want. I hope it gives you the confidence you need to pursue your happiness.

Go for the career of your dreams

How many of us wake up each morning to attend a job that we dislike?  We spend a huge chunk of our day earning money to live, but if we are unhappy it can seriously impact the rest of our life. Our mood carries over into our relationships, family life, and our physical health. We feel fatigued, unsatisfied, and stuck. If this sounds familiar, now more than ever is the time to go for your dream career.

What is it that makes your heart patter, and gets you excited to wake up in the morning? Do you have a talent of skill that feels enjoyable? Perhaps it might mean learning something new, taking on something like an online masters in social work, if you are passionate about helping others. Whatever it is you want to do, life is too short to not pursue it. Sometimes you have to be bold and completely change the course of your life on a whim. Make it happen! Your career is up to you, and while there may be some factors governing it, such as needing a certain income for living etc, there are changes you can actively do right this minute.

Re-evaluate your relationships

Relationships are a tricky one, you can feel happy in a loving relationship, or you can feel like it is holding you back from your greatest potential. If it is the latter one then you need to make some big changes to allow this area of your life to be a more positive experience. The quality and type of individuals you surround yourself with make a difference in life. There is a quote, “stick with the winners”, meaning those who are going somewhere will often bring you up with them. While the other popular quote, “misery loves company,” refers to those who are unhappy in life will more likely bring you down before you can bring them up. Really evaluate each and every single relationship you hold and see what category they fit under.

Focusing on your relationships doesn’t always mean your romantic ones, it also means your friendships, coworkers and family. Keeping a positive network around will boost the way you think and feel, and evidently impact other areas and change your life.

Is it time to take on your finances

Maybe now is the time to take a hold on your current financial situation. It can really bring you down if you see debts mounting up, and not having much left to enjoy life. You then start to question what is it all for, which can be disheartening for other areas of your life. Don’t bury your head in the sand, instead, use the time to think of ways to improve your situation. Maybe spending less or changing your spending habits. Even focusing on paying debts off so that in the long run you will have more disposable income. The best advice is just to make some positive steps in the right direction. 

I hope these suggestions help you to make the changes in your life.


  1. I love these suggestions. I’m currently on my path to my dream career, but that’ll be some time from now, but I’m happy because my current job is something that I enjoy as well. 🙂 Also, I’m working on bringing in friends who inspire me to be a better person. Thanks for this post!

    Natalie |

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