How To Recharge On Your Holiday

How To Recharge On Your Holiday

Taking a holiday is often a brilliant opportunity to travel and explore new places. But what if you took a different approach? Instead of going abroad to immerse yourself in something completely different, what if you took some time to get to know yourself?

Sometimes, taking a break means just that. We all need time to remember who we are, to sort out the filing system in our brains, and actually relax for more than 5 minutes without checking our phones.

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Four Post-Date Warnings That He’s Not The One

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Nothing beats a successful first date, especially after all those humdrum dinners that seems like they’ll never end. You may feel as though you’ve finally found your perfect match with the guy who can hold a conversation longer than a minute. There’s that butterfly sensation after leaving the date, where you go home and think about how well the two of you hit it off. You may even fantasize what life together may be like for many years to come.

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How To Stop Worrying What Others Think

Stop Worrying What Others Think

This is the very last article in the LOVE Edition series. Next month, we’ll be discussing the ever so popular and turbulent topic of MONEY (yes March Money is happening). That three week series will take place a bit later into the month. So feel free to sign up for our newsletter (to the right) to be notified of the exact start date.

Okay, today it is all about how to stop worrying what others think. A loaded discussion once again, and honestly there is no right or wrong approach to this as long as you stop adding value to thoughts that aren’t important. To some degree, just like everything, we need to hear about opinions and view points of others. That’s how we evolve, learn, and become inspired. Those ideas are useful. Today, we are discussing the harsh sideline critics, societal norms that don’t work for us, and unsolicited opinions that need to be ignored. Let’s dig in!

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Standing up for yourself and what is right

standing up for yourself

We often hear, “be a good girl, don’t rock the boat.” I would do anything to eradicate that line from life all together. I would like to encourage more women to speak up for themselves and what they believe to be right. It is easy to be intimidated, stay quiet, be appeasing. It’s hard to be courageous, vocal, outspoken. Guess who has more impact on the world though? Who will be remembered longer? Who will create change? Who will be happier? The ones who are authentic and bold. Those who, despite the people around her may say, went for it and stood up for herself.

Today, let’s discuss the importance of standing up for yourself and what is right. It doesn’t need to be on epic proportions, but having your voice heard is vital to feeling our best and living our best lives.

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Making Decisions And Eradicating Indecisiveness

Making Decisions And Eradicating Indecisiveness

Show of hands (in the comments) who has a hard time making decisions? Who relies on someone else to make decisions for them? How many times have you heard, “just make a decision, already!”This article is for you.

Decision making affects the self esteem in the sense that we are forced to rely heavily on trusting ourselves in choosing the right path. Often, most indecision comes from second guessing ourselves, giving other people’s opinions too much value, or confusing ourselves by talking over our gut instincts. Today we are discussing how to make decisions faster and eradicating indecisiveness for good.

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How To Set Healthy Boundaries In A Relationship

Part of having self esteem and respect is being able to communicate openly what we will or will not tolerate. Healthy boundaries in a relationship are another form of communication. They help steer and guide how you would like the relationship to go. It is an act of love and appreciation for one another’s time, space, and expectations. When healthy boundaries are present in a relationship, you have the ability to grow even stronger.

Today, we are discussing examples of healthy boundaries and how to set them. Let’s dive in!

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The Difference Between Self Worth and Being Self Centered

self worth vs self centered

We discussed what self esteem is and how to gain more healthy self esteem in the previous two articles. Now it is time to distinguish the difference between having self esteem (or self worth) and being self centered. There is a clear distinction between the two traits. However, there tends to be confusion around valuing who we are, and thinking it’s the same as being self centered. It’s not and here’s why.

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How To Gain Self Esteem


Yesterday we defined what self esteem is and what a healthy range looks like. If you missed it, head on over to that article first! I think it is very normal to have issues with self esteem. Especially with the presence of social media. So how do we gain more self esteem? When I first broached this subject well over a decade ago, I was told, “You gain self esteem by doing esteem-able acts.” We’ll dive into what exactly that means, and other ways to boost your self esteem.

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What Healthy Self Esteem Looks Like

We have entered the third and last week of the LOVE edition series. If you have missed any of the lessons so far, you can always click the tab above. The third week is geared towards self esteem and confidence. We briefly touched on why these are two important traits when it comes to relationships and love. To summarize, when we have a healthy level of self esteem we make better decisions, especially when it comes to choosing partners. Lack of self esteem can lead to dangerous situations such as being in codependent or abusive situations. It also typically leads to lack of healthy friendships, toxic work environments, and low self respect and love.

So yes, self esteem is extremely important when it comes to love. Today we will discuss what healthy self esteem looks like. We’ll define what self esteem is, what affects our self esteem, and how to tell if we are in a health range.

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Growing and Relationships: How to navigate long term partnerships

growing relationships

This is the last article in the relationship section of the LOVE Series. We did not hold back when it came to discussing relationships. Today is another rather large topic that we all face at some point, and that is how to navigate growth in long term relationships. It is inevitable that we all grow as each year passes. Some grow leaps and bounds, some mere inches, both are perfect measurements. However, it is tricky to be in a long term committed relationship where two people are growing at different rates or different directions. So what do you do when this occurs? That is what we are discussing today. Again, I am not a relationship expert, but I am pretty awesome at reading people and situations like these. Let’s begin!

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Finding Your Match: Where To Find Dates

where to find your next date

Hello again! We are half way through the relationship portion of the LOVE Series. We’ve discussed the heavy topics, such as what a healthy relationship looks like, being whole in a relationship, and red flags to notice. Now comes the fun stuff, actually dating and meeting your match. If you are single, stick around as I am diving into where to meet your next date and also what places to avoid. Um, spoiler alert, dating apps are not where you’ll find your husband and should be deleted, every single which one of them. Find out why below.

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Red flags in relationships- when to get out!

relationship red flags to watch out for

It is not lost on me that THIS is the article that lands on Valentine’s Day. The irony is real, but who knows maybe someone needs this today. We might as well begin with a big fat red flag, and that is if your partner is conveniently “working late” tonight on Valentine’s day, they are most likely out on a date with their side piece. Believe me, it happens, it happened to me last year so I know real well how often this occurs.

Okay, with that said, let’s talk about what red flags to look for within a relationship and when it’s time to get out. I have combined my own personal experiences with a list of common red flags others have faced. If you experienced any one of these, truly reconsider why you are in the relationship, and if possible leave immediately.

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How To Be Whole In A Relationship

Okay, here we go! This is a mega topic that most people don’t discuss, even more don’t want to hear, but we are going there. One of the major, MAJOR, downfalls in relationships that typically result in a fractured partnership, a dissolving marriage, a toxic situation, or pure resentment is due to relying on another person to make them whole. We see it all the time, a flood of insecurities, complete desperation to have someone “fix” the situations, feeling incomplete on their own, or feeling unworthy unless married… You get it, we’ve either been there, done that, or know someone who has.

Today we are discussing how to be whole in a relationship. Meaning, not needing someone else for validation, to rescue us, feel complete, or depend on for ANYTHING (yes that means financially and I know that really burns to hear). I am also sharing WHY this is so crucial and what happens if we don’t heed this advice. Buckle up, this one is a doozy.

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