How To Stay Healthy & Fit While Traveling

Fit While Traveling

Last week, I discussed my top 10 tips on traveling during the stressful holiday season. Today I want to share what I do to stay healthy and fit while traveling. I personally feel more energized, rested, and happier when I eat healthy and move my body. Which in turn creates a more fulfilling travel experience. However, please note that I don’t do this perfectly, and I think that is something we should all take into consideration while prepping for a vacation. The whole point of a trip is to enjoy our time with friends and family, balance is key. These are the simple ways I stay healthy and fit while on the road that I weave into my agenda when and where I can.

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Blogger Gift Guide 2018: Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts

Holiday gift guide 2018 stocking stuffers

Continuing the Holiday Gift Guides, today I am sharing the perfect small gifts or stocking stuffers. These are great for coworkers, best friends, additional gifts, and to place in stockings. They are relatively affordable and easy to carry with you to work or school (where ever you find your bffs). Just like each holiday gift guide to this point, I broke down the options into categories to make shopping easier. Simply scroll and click on the gift idea you like best to find out more details and where to purchase. I hope you enjoy! For all 2018 gift guides, simply click here.

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Travel Tuesday Deals & Tips To Book

Travel Tuesday Deals

Today is every travelers favorite day, Travel Tuesday! It is the Black Friday for travel deals. There are more savings on trips today than on Cyber Monday or Black Friday. It is an estimated 20%-40% off all domestic and international deals. Of course we have spotted some tickets that cannot be missed. We’ve listed which airlines and booking companies that are participating this year and how to score the best tickets. These travel deals are insane and will only last for today or when quantity runs out. So let’s get to it!

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What To Eat While Heading To Krasnoyarsk Via Trans-Siberian Train

Trans-Siberian train meals

As the third largest city in Siberia and boasting some of the most beautiful scenery along the Trans-Siberian train route, there is no wonder that many of the passengers can’t wait to stop at Krasnoyarsk. Indeed, people who simply cannot get enough of Russian dishes after travelling fairly extensively throughout the former Soviet Union are bound to be itching to sample the culinary delights of Krasnoyarsk.

And although it might be easy for Westerners travelling on one of the Trans-Siberian routes to find food they are familiar with such as Italian pizza or Bulkan dishes once they have stopped at Krasnoyarsk, there are plenty of opportunities to try out Russian meals in the city. Of course, one way for people planning to visit this popular region of Siberia after booking a Trans-Siberian train journey to learn more about the food in Krasnoyarsk would be to look online. You can find great ideas on how to best spend your time in Krasnoyarsk, including cool places to eat, for those who want to include the destination in their Trans-Siberian train adventure.

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Travel

Do you have a loved one who is constantly on the go? Is traveling their main joy in life, and any chance they get they are on a plane to a new destination? Or perhaps it is for work that they are always traveling. Whatever the case may be, having these fun accessories and travel essentials will make the trip that much more enjoyable. For this next part of the Holiday Gift Guide series, I am focusing exclusively on travel gear. Below, I’ve listed all my favorite travel size companions, in flight necessities, and luggage that I swear by. This year alone, I’ve taken 26 flights and counting. I’ve learned a thing or two about what to always pack along the way.

Side note, if you are looking to gift your friend or family member a travel gift card, check out these companies I use to book my trips. I’ve always scored the best deals with them and hopefully your travel enthusiast will too!

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My Top 10 Travel Tips For The Holiday Season

My Top 10 Travel Tips For The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel season of the year. Roughly 50.9 million people traveled 50 miles or further for Thanksgiving last year. That’s a whole lot of travelers! This year alone, I boarded 26 flights, one cruise, several trains, and 3 car trips. In other words, I have had practice in keeping my cool and staying comfortable while on the road.

If you are boarding a plane, train, or car this season, I have a few tips for you. These suggestions will help you keep your peace of mind, feel as comfortable as possible, and get you to your destination feeling refreshed. I use these tips whenever I travel, especially for work and during busy travel days. I hope you all enjoy and have a safe travel season.

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Solo Travel Through Tokyo: What To Do & Expect

My first ever solo travel adventure began in Tokyo, one of the safest cities in the world. Was I scared… Of course! It was my first time ever traveling by myself for an extended amount of time, and I chose a country half way around the world. I also didn’t know one lick of Japanese. But I was also incredibly excited. Japan had been on my list of dream travel destinations for a long time, and I couldn’t believe I was boarding a plane to see the beautiful country.

In this article, I am going to run through a few things you need to know (where to stay, eat, sleep, travel time, customs & traditions) and a few places to visit if you decide to solo travel through Tokyo as well. I will also add in a few of my favorite memories from my trip, and what I would do differently next time.

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What It’s Actually Like At A Casino Resort

casino resorts review

Casino resorts have developed a certain reputation over the years. They tend to be gaudy, over-the-top, and full of attractions. And we tend to imagine them as places for bachelor and bachelorette parties, or other large and festive gatherings. Basically, you don’t quite know what to expect if you’ve never spent time at a casino resort before, but it’s probably something on a spectrum from Bradley Cooper’s character in The Hangover to George Clooney’s from Ocean’s 11.

The reality is often quite a bit different from what people expect. The primary attractions may not be what you expect, the atmosphere can be unpredictable, and it’s often the resort – not the actual casino floor – that stands out. Below are a few more specific thoughts on what it’s actually like to visit and stay at one of these venues.

These Resorts Are Hotels First

There’s a tendency to think of a casino resort as a casino first, a package of attractions second, and a hotel third. Really, this order might most properly be reversed entirely. Yes, what sets these venues apart is the entertainment. However, casino resorts also have to house endless waves of tourists, and those in charge are well aware that if they don’t provide comfort, they’ll fall behind the competition. As a result, you need only take a look at the recommended hotel rooms in Las Vegas to get a feel for the kind of luxury hotels we’re talking about. Big, comfy beds, wide windows, fancy bathrooms, and often enough living space to host a small group are fairly standard.

Fine Dining Is Part Of The Experience

It’s almost hard to find a noteworthy casino resort that doesn’t have an elegant steakhouse, highly touted ethnic cuisine, a celebrity chef establishment, or some combination of all of the above. For that matter, it’s also become somewhat traditional for these resorts to offer gourmet (though pricey) breakfast buffets. You can certainly wind up paying a little more than you like at any of these places, but the fact of the matter is that fine dining has become inextricably tied to casino resort culture. And menus and pricing aside, the venues themselves tend to have the beautiful décor and interesting layouts you’d expect within a casino.

The Gaudiness Blends In

This may be a matter of taste or personal reaction, but more often than not, the gaudiness commonly associated with casinos basically blends in and blends together. This just means that you won’t be walking around a casino thinking consciously, “what an over-the-top gold-dusted pillar that is for a lobby,” or, “wow, that mock statue of a Roman god looks fake.” Yes, casino resorts tend to be drastically over-decorated, but the faux-chic absurdity of it all is sort of part of the charm, and it makes for more of a total environment than a set of noticeable details.

Casino Floors Are Effectively Open Bars

One guide to navigating the Vegas-like resorts of Atlantic City explicitly states that the drinks are free as long as you’re playing games. But even beyond Atlantic City, this is something of an unstated rule at most legitimate casinos (though sometimes not on cruise ships). The idea is to provide an incentive for people to keep spending money on the tables and – almost certainly – to lower their inhibitions in the process. For the casual gamer however playing with low limits this means that casino floors are used more or less as bars that happen to have games – not the other way around.

It’s Different For High Rollers

By “it,” we mean the entire experience. If you’re heading to a casino expecting to see someone in a suit or ball gown at the other end of your blackjack table, playing with a $5 minimum bet and sipping a fancy cocktail, you’re likely to be disappointed. While some people betting more money do hang around at the more casual tables, legitimate high rollers tend to be in more exclusive areas, and tend to be better catered to by staff. The drink service is more efficient, the amount of money changing hands can be staggering, the dealers are more no-nonsense, and sometimes a room at the hotel is comped.

The Spas Can Be The Most Impressive Parts

“80,000 square foot space takes up two floors.” That’s one of the first lines in a description of the spa facilities at the Aria resort in Las Vegas, per Spa Manners. 80,000 square feet over two floors! And that’s just one of dozens of spas at resorts all over the city. This of course depends on where you go, but casino resorts are meant to be entire vacations in and of themselves, and that means relaxation isn’t taken lightly. In many cases the spa facilities can be the most impressive parts of the experience, elevated over gaming floors, hotel rooms, and all the rest.

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Jobs That Will Allow You to Travel More

For many people, the opportunity to properly travel the world and experience everything this life has to offer is a big deal. There are so many jobs out there that allow you to travel, so why carry on doing your current job that simply ties you to your desk and keeps you confined in the same fours walls, day after day, year after year. To give you some inspiration, here are 5 jobs that will allow you to travel more. Read on to learn all about them.

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A Night On The Peace Boat with The United Nations

A Night On The Peace Boat with The United Nations

I recently had the opportunity to board the Peace Boat along with a few renowned United Nations delegates. It was an incredibly moving experience that I wanted to share with all of you. The night was full of inspiration and messages from leaders around the world. Here is what the Peace Boat is currently doing to provided assistance and exciting news that was just announced.

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Where To Travel To This Summer Vacation 2018

Santorini Greece, Where to Travel, Summer Vacation 2018, Travel Ideas

There are a plethora of options to travel to this summer vacation. Finding which one is best for you and will give you everything you are looking for in a destination is the challenge. This list guarantees to cover a variety of locations for everyone’s personal travel needs. From adventures to pamper sessions by the beach. Here is where to travel to this Summer Vacation 2018.

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Planning A Weekend In The Hamptons

Weekend In The Hamptons 2018

It is officially Hamptons season! New Yorkers, and those in the tri-state area have waited all year to be able to escape to the string of luxurious seaside communities located a few hours outside of the bustling city. If you have decided that this is the year you will vacation in the Hamptons, here are a few tips that will help you live like the locals and famously enjoy this incredible beach city.

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A Review Of The House Of Sandeman Hostel And Suites

A Review Of The House Of Sandeman Hostel And Suites

I recently visited Porto, Portugal. Upon arrival, I wasn’t sure what to expect, except good wines and breathtaking views. While strolling through the district of wine caves, I stumbled upon the brand new The House of Sandeman Hostel and Suites. I asked my friend if I could go in to take a look. We walked up two flights of stairs and was impressed by the refined decor and friendly staff.

I instantly knew I had to stay here. I booked two nights on the spot for the following Monday and Tuesday. The total cost was 28 Euros, which included a two-night stay and breakfast each day. That’s $32 for all my friends in the States. I think this is by far the best deal I have encountered in the last three months of traveling. Here is the breakdown of the hostel and suites for those who are looking for accommodations while in Porto.

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Where to Grab The Best Donuts for National Donut Day

national donut day

Today marks National Donut Day, so why not make a round up of the best gooey donut places to visit and celebrate! There is something wonderful as a crisp delicious outside yet warm and soft baked inside. It goes hand in hand with a rich, strong coffee. Let me know in the comments what you’ll indulge in for the day.

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