I Traveled For A Full Year, This Is What I Learned

Travel Lessons Learned

It was not my intentions to be on the road for this long. In fact, the initial haphazard plan of mine consisted of three months of traveling around the world. I went off on my own with very little investigation to where I was heading. Meaning, no hotels planned out, no returning fights. Just three one way tickets to Tokyo, then Dubai, and then Greece. I thought that was pretty adventurous, but my little plan was completely blown out of the water when I fully surrendered in September and allowed the universe take control. Don’t worry, I’ll explain below.

What occurred as a result? An additional 9 months were added to my itinerary. Road trips, cruises (my first), flying all around the United States, and a sweet trip through Central and South America. So with all the new cities, new friends, and long travel days, what did I gain in my year of travel? Probably more than I’m even conscious of, but here are the significant points that I keep returning to while reminiscing about each location.

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What To See And Do In Jakarta

Jakarta Travel Guide


Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and it is one of the most stunning places to visit in the entire country. If you love to see some amazing sites and be able to eat fusion food from all over the region, Jakarta is a great place to visit.

Whether you decide to stay at cari rumah or in a hotel, we have some amazing things for you to do during your time in this city.

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Georgia On Your Mind? The Perfect Travel Guide For 2019

Georgia travel tips 2019

For those unfamiliar with the great and beautiful south, Georgia is one of those destinations that people should head to so they can take in what Southern life has to offer. Georgia, which borders the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, is, unsurprisingly rich in breathtaking scenery. It’s also holds interesting history and plenty of locals are there to greet you with a smile on their face! But what do you need to see on your next trip to Georgia? Here are a few tips:

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Tips For A Safe Surfing Holiday

Safe Surfing Holiday Tips

Surfing has become a very popular water sport in the UK, and there’s no place like North Devon for sampling some of the best waves. Of course, as with all water sports, safety is a prime concern, and with that in mind, here are some safety tips for surfing.

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The Top Activities To Enjoy In Abilene This Summer

Texas is a stunning part of the US and it is a place where we often hear stories of amazing food and a welcoming hospitality. If you are planning on a holiday destination in the US this year, truly consider Texas as an option. Today we are looking at one region of Texas in particular, Abilene. Filled with Old Western history, and scenic spots to check out, here are the top activities to enjoy in Abilene.

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Why You Should Choose A Sailing Holiday Over A Hotel

Sailing Holiday

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this in your mind. You are in your private cabin on a luxury catamaran charter in France, relaxing to the sway of the boat on the gentle waves. Your captain calls you up to the deck, as the luxurious vessel floats into a picturesque cove to while away an afternoon in the French sunshine. You go up to the deck, and lay back on a sun lounger, taking in the warmth of the sunshine, the deep blueness of the sea and the sounds of the waves gently lapping against the side of the boat. You can smell fresh seafood cooking away in the kitchen. It is a perfect moment and one that is next to impossible to recreate in the confines of a hotel.

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What You Need to Know When Working Abroad

tips for Working Abroad

If you plan to work abroad then you will know what an exciting experience it can be. You may feel as though the world is your oyster and that you have access to opportunities you never thought you would. It’s a riveting feeling to say the least, but if you don’t plan out everything in advance, then you may find that you run into problems that you just never thought would happen.

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Having a Great Time in Singapore

Have a great time in Singapore with these travel tips

There are so many things to do in Singapore that you will never be bored if you take a vacation there. This island country caters for tourists in all areas, and as it is said to be one of the safest places in the world, you can enjoy your visit without feeling threatened. The main island has another 62 small ones around it and traveling to them for their attractions is simple and cheap.

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Tips For Traveling Solo Internationally

I’ve been receiving quite a few questions regarding traveling through different countries on my own. Ranging from what to pack to how I deal with language barriers. I thought I would write up a list of tips I’ve found to be helpful while it is fresh in my mind. If you haven’t seen on Instagram, I’ve traveled through Tokyo, Kyoto, Dubai, and now Patras Greece. This is my first solo trip and I am beyond grateful I took the leap. You can read all about that experience.

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Seeing Ancient & Modern China on Your Holiday

Ancient & Modern China

Image Source: Unsplash

When planning a trip to China, there is such contrast between traditional and contemporary, you want to ensure you get the full breadth of both sides of the spectrum. Planning your trip beforehand to ensure you cover all bases is highly advisable. Due to the sheer amount of things you can do, see and experience in China, going with a clear vision in mind is key.

Check out the China private tours 2019 itineraries tour companies are offering. There are many tour agencies that can help you plan the ultimate trip. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to experience, just let their team of expert locals know and they will tailor the tour to suit you.

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How To Stay Healthy & Fit While Traveling

Fit While Traveling

Last week, I discussed my top 10 tips on traveling during the stressful holiday season. Today I want to share what I do to stay healthy and fit while traveling. I personally feel more energized, rested, and happier when I eat healthy and move my body. Which in turn creates a more fulfilling travel experience. However, please note that I don’t do this perfectly, and I think that is something we should all take into consideration while prepping for a vacation. The whole point of a trip is to enjoy our time with friends and family, balance is key. These are the simple ways I stay healthy and fit while on the road that I weave into my agenda when and where I can.

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Blogger Gift Guide 2018: Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts

Holiday gift guide 2018 stocking stuffers

Continuing the Holiday Gift Guides, today I am sharing the perfect small gifts or stocking stuffers. These are great for coworkers, best friends, additional gifts, and to place in stockings. They are relatively affordable and easy to carry with you to work or school (where ever you find your bffs). Just like each holiday gift guide to this point, I broke down the options into categories to make shopping easier. Simply scroll and click on the gift idea you like best to find out more details and where to purchase. I hope you enjoy! For all 2018 gift guides, simply click here.

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Travel Tuesday Deals & Tips To Book

Travel Tuesday Deals

Today is every travelers favorite day, Travel Tuesday! It is the Black Friday for travel deals. There are more savings on trips today than on Cyber Monday or Black Friday. It is an estimated 20%-40% off all domestic and international deals. Of course we have spotted some tickets that cannot be missed. We’ve listed which airlines and booking companies that are participating this year and how to score the best tickets. These travel deals are insane and will only last for today or when quantity runs out. So let’s get to it!

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What To Eat While Heading To Krasnoyarsk Via Trans-Siberian Train

Trans-Siberian train meals

As the third largest city in Siberia and boasting some of the most beautiful scenery along the Trans-Siberian train route, there is no wonder that many of the passengers can’t wait to stop at Krasnoyarsk. Indeed, people who simply cannot get enough of Russian dishes after travelling fairly extensively throughout the former Soviet Union are bound to be itching to sample the culinary delights of Krasnoyarsk.

And although it might be easy for Westerners travelling on one of the Trans-Siberian routes to find food they are familiar with such as Italian pizza or Bulkan dishes once they have stopped at Krasnoyarsk, there are plenty of opportunities to try out Russian meals in the city. Of course, one way for people planning to visit this popular region of Siberia after booking a Trans-Siberian train journey to learn more about the food in Krasnoyarsk would be to look online. You can find great ideas on how to best spend your time in Krasnoyarsk, including cool places to eat, for those who want to include the destination in their Trans-Siberian train adventure.

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