Your Happiness Is More Important Than Other People’s Misery

Your Happiness Is More Important

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Wow, that is a loaded title!! I mean dang, but this idea and topic came from the conversation that formed under the article, ‘ 5 Defeating Actions Keeping You From Success‘. What a powerful conversation that was and a great way to bring the community together. Thank you to everyone who shared!

I noticed a majority of comments touched on the idea of not taking on other people’s problems. The messages ranged from having a hard time with this idea to completely seeing how it has changed lives, and others spoke about how they really want to implement this idea into their current life. I found this fascinating and was really moved by each one.

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Confession: I allowed people’s opinions to hold me back

people please and self worth. How to value who you are!

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Not too long ago, I cared more about other people’s opinions, comfort, and well-being than my own. And it was stifling my career.

I developed this serious obsession with people pleasing. The idea was lodged in my head that I am not supposed to “take too much”, “ask too much”, and “make sure I don’t rock the boat”. I said yes to obligations because I truly didn’t know how to say no. My time was no longer mine. If this makes sense to you, keep reading…

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Want a drama free life? Read this right now!

anti drama quotes

I remember vividly my college professor telling the class, “tell your friends to stop calling you about their bad news”. It shocked me. First, because I didn’t know where it was coming from. Secondly, the thought of telling people I loved to stop coming to me with bad news horrified me.

I have long been associated as the person with great advice, the therapist of the group. So you can see why this would rattle my core. What would happen if I didn’t help solve my friends and families problems? Even though I was unsure of the outcome, I slowly began implementing this rule over a few years. I was amazed what happened next.

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10 Years Ago I Did the Unthinkable

February 22nd, 2007 I took a detour from my immaculately planned out life and confronted my darkest secrets head on. In turn, I changed the course of my life forever. It was the scariest moment going through it, but I am afraid where I would be now if I didn’t. Here is my story, and what happened ten years ago.

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The One Super Bowl Commercial You Need To Watch

Today’s a big day focused on food, football, and commercials. It is the highest paid ad time for a reason reaching roughly 100 million viewers. And unlike most shows, these viewers actually want to watch the commercials. So when Audi presented this ad for their Super Bowl time slot, there is a reason to pause and watch:


To have a gender equality ad during a predominantly male sport is incredibly powerful. The message itself cuts straight to the point; women are significantly undervalued when compared to men, and we have an immediate disadvantage for just being a woman.  I only hope that this simple message clarifies why we need to push for equal rights and evokes more men to join the cause (we need your help men!). After all, what dad wants to tell their daughter, “you can’t have the world because you are a girl.”

Thank you Audi for this powerful ad and paying the 5 million dollars+ price tag to air this message during the most highly viewed time of the year. I support your effort in closing the gender gap.

If you want to learn how you can help close the gender gap and promote equality, here are a few organizations I love:

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