How To Create A Photo Book In 10 Minutes

How to create a photo book in 10 minutes using Google photos

The holidays are mere weeks away, and if you are stumbling for a last minute gift idea, I have you covered. I recently created a photo book using the Google Photos app and it took me less than 10 minutes to do. I’ll explain the entire process and how I made mine seem like professional coffee table book. Right now, Google is having free standard shipping on orders and will deliver by Christmas. So, let’s begin!

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Luxury

The last installment of this Holiday Gift Guide 2018 is for all those who enjoy luxury. We are ending on a high note, a total show stopper. These gifts are for that special someone in your life who deserves the absolute best. I have included my personal favorites for both men and women, as well as home goods. Simply scroll to shop, click on the item that appeals to you for more information! It has been such a joy writing and providing these gift guides. If you want to see the entire group of 2018 holiday gift guides, then click right here!

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Spa Enthusiasts

Gift Guide Spa Enthusiasts

If self care and relaxation is top priority for your loved one, then these gifts are for them. Every once in awhile, an at home spa day is required. Throw on a comfy robe, put on super soft slippers, and indulge in a face mask while sipping on spa water. I’ve rounded up my favorite spa essentials to create the perfect self-care day. Simply scroll and click on any option calling your name for more shopping details. If you’re looking for more gift suggestions, check out all the holiday gift guides for 2018 here!

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Host

Holiday Gift Guide Host 2018

Attending a bunch of holiday parties during this time of year is a ritual that I love. I look forward to the well dressed home and festive cocktails. But what do you bring as a gift to show your appreciation? Each situation is different depending on the environment and how close you are with the host. I find food and wine to be the pretty standard gifts, while other household items, like a wind opener, are often forgotten but would make an incredible homey thank you as well. If it is a coworker inviting, try a coffee table book or coasters. Here are my ideas for the perfect holiday host gift. Simply scroll to shop the products below, click to find out more information. You can find all the holiday gift guides for 2018 right here. Enjoy!

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Athlete

Holiday Gift Guide Athlete

We all have that one friend who is signed up for every spin class, tracks their steps, drinks plenty of water, and has the best gym attire. These gifts are for them. Nothing makes them happier than a brand new pair of workout shoes, headphones, and some practical equipment. I’ve gathered brands that I personally love for this holiday gift guide for the athlete. Simply scroll and click on the gift idea you like the most to find more shopping information. As always, feel free to check out the other gift guides here.

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Men’s Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Men

Men are often the hardest to shop for, it’s either they have it, will hate it, or it’s so expensive. Not to worry, I’ve carefully combed through a series of options to gather the perfect gift for that man in your life. Whether that is a husband, boyfriend, brother, father, or all around good friend, I’ve got you covered. I’ve categorized each gift idea to make it easier to shop. Some gifts are the all star gift, that will cost a pretty penny but will also be the showstopper. Other ideas are perfect essentials and stocking stuffers. I hope you enjoy! As always, feel free to check out the other holiday gift guides here.

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Blogger Gift Guide 2018: Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts

Holiday gift guide 2018 stocking stuffers

Continuing the Holiday Gift Guides, today I am sharing the perfect small gifts or stocking stuffers. These are great for coworkers, best friends, additional gifts, and to place in stockings. They are relatively affordable and easy to carry with you to work or school (where ever you find your bffs). Just like each holiday gift guide to this point, I broke down the options into categories to make shopping easier. Simply scroll and click on the gift idea you like best to find out more details and where to purchase. I hope you enjoy! For all 2018 gift guides, simply click here.

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Tech

This is the holiday gift guide I’ve been eager to write! All about the new electronics on the market that make life simpler. You don’t need to be a super techie to use these gifts, just an appreciation for how advanced they are. I’ve spotted everything from smart televisions to thermostats controlled by your phone. These make great housewarming gifts, presents for your significant other, or for anyone who lives on the cutting edge. Simply scroll and click on the option you like best to find more details on where to shop. If you are still looking for more options, check out all the other gift guides for 2018 here.

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Fashionista

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Fashion Gifts

The third installment of this holiday gift guide series is for the fashionista in your life. This is one area I excel in and have a bountiful of gift options for your best friend, sister, aunt, mom, wife, or daughter. The prices range from stocking stuffer ideas to that all star gifts that will wow her. To make it less overwhelming I’ve divided each gift option into categories making it easier. Simply scroll and click on the one you think is the perfect match to find all the shopping information. I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to check out the Beauty Gift Guide and Travel Gift Guide as well. For men’s gift ideas, check out a full list here.

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Travel

Do you have a loved one who is constantly on the go? Is traveling their main joy in life, and any chance they get they are on a plane to a new destination? Or perhaps it is for work that they are always traveling. Whatever the case may be, having these fun accessories and travel essentials will make the trip that much more enjoyable. For this next part of the Holiday Gift Guide series, I am focusing exclusively on travel gear. Below, I’ve listed all my favorite travel size companions, in flight necessities, and luggage that I swear by. This year alone, I’ve taken 26 flights and counting. I’ve learned a thing or two about what to always pack along the way.

Side note, if you are looking to gift your friend or family member a travel gift card, check out these companies I use to book my trips. I’ve always scored the best deals with them and hopefully your travel enthusiast will too!

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Beauty

The Holiday’s are right around the corner! Can you believe it? I feel like this year zoomed by, but then again I feel like that every year once November hits. I am kicking off the holiday gift guide series for 2018 with suggestions on what to give the beauty lovers in your life. If you have a mother, sister, girlfriend who is obsessed with skincare, creating makeup looks, or is a hair fanatic, I have great ideas for you!

I split each gift idea into three sections: Hair, Makeup, Skincare to make it easier for you to sift through. Each item listed is linked to the exact place to buy the gift. Some occasionally have gift wrapping available, making it even easier during crunch time. I personally shifted and searched through the web to create this list, so it’s extra personal and extra thoughtful. I’ve also only included brands I trust, have used, or know will be a hit with your loved ones. You can rest assure that what you’re gifting will showcase how much you care for that special individual. So without further ado, here is a blogger holiday gift guide 2018: beauty!

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Gifts Ideas For Mom on Mother’s Day Or Birthdays

Gift ideas for mom. Mother's Day Gifts. Holiday Gifts For Mom. Birthday Gifts For Mom.

Moms are pretty amazing. They’ve done a lot for us, and what better way to say thanks than a day to celebrate them and shower them with gifts. I don’t know about you, but finding that special present to give mom is always a challenge. Either she has everything she wants, or her taste is so particular, I am not sure what I had in mind would do. Luckily, over the years of searching, I found there are a few essentials that nearly every mother needs in her life. These consists of a signature scent, home goods, and very comfortable slippers. Of course, if you know her favorite chocolates, flowers,  or makeup, those all perfect options as well. Keep reading for more ideas!

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