#TeamPixel at Google’s Pop Up Shop in New York City

Google's Pop Up Shop in New York City

Yesterday morning was probably the best morning I’ve ever had. I don’t know if it is the end of the holiday parties and I get to let down or the fact I was able to enjoy NYC like a kid, but I laughed the entire hour and a half I spent with Google. I met up with my fellow Team Pixel members in Union Square. I had no idea what to expect, but I was instantly greeted by a row of decked out Pedicabs. Like I said, I instantly began to laugh and smile. I’ve never been in a pedicab before, but always wanted to know what it was like to see New York City in one.

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Why Is It So Hard To Put Our Phones Down?

Why Is It So Hard To Put Our Phones Down

I don’t know about you but my phone is practically attached to my hand. All through the day, I am constantly checking emails, messages, voicemails, calls, social media, the news. The list goes on. I can’t recall a time where I didn’t have my phone on me or a screen glaring in my face. At times, it feels like a strange obsessive habit where I filter through all the usual apps to see if anything has changed. It only hit recently that this isn’t normal behavior when I knew nothing had changed yet I was about to check again. It made me question, “Why is it so hard to put our phones down?”

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31 Days of the Kindness Challenge. You In?

Kindness challenge

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen my posts about #thekindesschallenge. I am challenging myself, and anyone who would like to join, to do something kind for yourself or others each day of the month. I came up with the idea after hitting December 1st and realizing it is not only the holidays but also my birthday month. I usually am so pumped and excited to celebrate all these wonderful moments, but for some reason this year I wasn’t feeling it. It made me so sad!

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The New Technology Coming Aboard Royal Caribbean Cruises

I was recently invited to Sea Beyond, where Royal Caribbean Cruises announce it’s latest technological advances and the frictionless experience for those aboard. It was an evening of many firsts. The first time I’ve ever seen gigantic robots dance in unison, which by the way was amazing and I linked a video of it below. It was the first time trying Virtual Reality dining, and eating food completely blind. It was the first to see what the new suites on Royal Caribean will look like, and the luxury is divine. Most importantly, it was the first time I’ve witness facial recognition to check passengers in. It is the effort the massive cruise line is making to ensure a frictionless experience for vacationers to board, relax, and have a wonderful time.

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Holiday Luxe Gifts To Give That Special Someone

Holiday Luxe Gifts To Give That Special Someone

Have a loved one with expensive taste? They will be sure to love these gift ideas. I scaled the price to stay within a reasonable budget. Aka, nothing over 1K here. One thing about luxury gifts is that they are an investment that will be used over the years to come. My biggest suggestion is to spend the money on shoes and handbags for that special someone. It is the best way to get your return on investment. Shoes and purses are those classic pieces that elevate any look and can be repeated over the years.

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The Perfect Tech Gifts To Give This Holiday

Best Holiday Tech Gifts

Cyber Monday often brings the best prices on technology. I wanted to share a few favorite tech gadgets that I love as well as other ideas for those who want to live in the future. Take a peek at how to modernize your daily living and share the fun this holiday season with the technology enthusiasts in your life. Believe me, these tech gifts will make even the less savvy ecstatic!

The first place to shop is Google. They are having some insane deals on their Google Homes and Pixels. I am gifting this white Pixel 2 to someone very special this year. If you know someone who needs unlimited storage, a quick charge time, or is constantly taking photos- I highly recommend the Pixel 2. If you know someone who loves listening to music, NPR, or nonstop asking questions- totally gift them the Google home. They are for today only $79 instead of $129.

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Best Fashion Finds During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Best Fashion Finds During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I mentioned what I am looking to restock this Black Friday, but I also want to share my favorite fashion picks during the insane sales. This entire weekend and Monday, brands and online retailers are giving us fashion obsessed major reasons to shop. Deep discounts across the boards on closet staples as well as fun accessories. Nordstrom Rack is having up to 75% off, Asos is gifting 30% off, and Revolve is up to 65% off.

Without Further ado, here are the best fashion finds during Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

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What I am Stocking Up On This Black Friday

Black Friday Sales 2017

This Black Friday, I am going in with a strategy of not only grabbing gifts for loved ones but also stocking up on my favorites. Let’s face it, it’s also the time of the year to pamper ourselves.  My suggestion is if you have a specific brand you love (like Asos) or a department store you always shop (ahem Nordstrom), why not get familiar with what’s on sale now so you are ready to grab what you love and are missing in your wardrobe. I love to stock up on vitamins from my favorite store, blogging essentials, and clothes for upcoming events. I also love picking up a few designer accessories for all the hard work that I’ve done this year. I find the best prices on designer goods during this time of the year. I’ll share specifics below!

Pro tip: Tell your family to send over their wishlists as well, so you can be on the hunt for sales on their gifts while you shop for what you like.

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