My Top 10 Travel Tips For The Holiday Season

My Top 10 Travel Tips For The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel season of the year. Roughly 50.9 million people traveled 50 miles or further for Thanksgiving last year. That’s a whole lot of travelers! This year alone, I boarded 26 flights, one cruise, several trains, and 3 car trips. In other words, I have had practice in keeping my cool and staying comfortable while on the road.

If you are boarding a plane, train, or car this season, I have a few tips for you. These suggestions will help you keep your peace of mind, feel as comfortable as possible, and get you to your destination feeling refreshed. I use these tips whenever I travel, especially for work and during busy travel days. I hope you all enjoy and have a safe travel season.

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My Favorite Work Outfits From Express & More!

Work Outfits Express

I remember when I was in high school I would LOVE to shop at Express in the Short Hills Mall. When they first launched their shoe collection, I nearly fell over. I still remember the leopard print wedges I bought from them. They were the most comfortable shoes I owned.

I still shop Express, especially for their work outfits. Whenever I need a nice pair of black slacks, I immediately think of Express. Somehow the fit is always right and I know they will have plenty of options to choose from. I recently scanned Express’s selection and fell in love with some new pieces that would be perfect for the office. For this roundup, I also included a few outerwear options to get you to work warmly and in style. I may have sneaked in a couple additional looks for those after hour drinks with coworkers. Everything you may need for your work week outfit options are below, let me know in the comments which items you are lusting after!

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Adrenal Fatigue & Why Am I So Freaking Tired?

Adrenal Fatigue

Recently, I had gone through a rough patch emotionally and physically. Like, ya’ll we have a lot of catching up to do. But I’ll save it for another day and time, I am still learning how I can share it in away that can benefit another person or help others. I am also still very much learning and growing from all of it. I truly believe, that if you want healthy changes in your life, it begins with YOU. Or in this case, myself. And that any obstacle is meant to make you freaking fierce, stronger, and more beautiful.

I digress… anyway due to all the emotional stress, I physically started to feel off. I could barely move I was so tired. No joke, one day I did half my hair then fell back into bed to take a nap. When I “powered through” on those days I needed to show up and be in attendance, I felt this low grade nausea. On top of that, I started breaking out as if I had hit puberty again. You can imagine how much fun this was.

I had experienced these symptoms for over a month and a half before I finally asked a friend who had gone through a similar situation I had this past Summer, if this was normal. She said, “Sounds like you have adrenal fatigue, a very common side effect from trauma and stress.” I Google searched what the heck adrenal fatigue is, and turns out… I had nearly every symptom.

In this article, I am sharing what I personally learned about the disorder and what has helped me restore my health. DISCLAIMER: I am obviously not a medical doctor nor specialist in this field. It’s always best to consult with your medical practitioner before taking any supplements or changing your diet. I DO want to shed light on this disorder and what has been beneficial in my recover for those who may be struggling as well.

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Solo Travel Through Tokyo: What To Do & Expect

My first ever solo travel adventure began in Tokyo, one of the safest cities in the world. Was I scared… Of course! It was my first time ever traveling by myself for an extended amount of time, and I chose a country half way around the world. I also didn’t know one lick of Japanese. But I was also incredibly excited. Japan had been on my list of dream travel destinations for a long time, and I couldn’t believe I was boarding a plane to see the beautiful country.

In this article, I am going to run through a few things you need to know (where to stay, eat, sleep, travel time, customs & traditions) and a few places to visit if you decide to solo travel through Tokyo as well. I will also add in a few of my favorite memories from my trip, and what I would do differently next time.

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What You Need To Know About The New Tech From Google

Pixel 3 XL Clearly White. New Tech From Google 2018

Google announced their latest edition of hardware in New York City on October 9th. The new line of electronics range from tablets to home devices that will sure to transform how you live. And of course the brand new Pixel 3 phone was revealed with all new camera capabilities and software.

Hearing the release of he new hardware (Pixel Slate, Google Home Hub, and the Pixel 3), I was super excited how each piece was built for function, efficiency, and fun. Here is what you need to know about the new line Made by Google.

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34 of the best trendy clothing websites to shop

Nowadays, you can buy anything online. Some of the best and most trendy clothing is purchased on a website. For instance, Fashion Nova is killing the game as an online retailer for women, men, and plus size apparel. Pretty Little Things, co-founded by Umar Kamani, is also topping the charts as a fashion retailer. Most of these trendy clothing websites became popular with the help of mega Instagram influencers and endorsed by the Kardashians. But nonetheless, buying online has become the new place to shop for trendy and affordable options.

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Change Your Life And Accomplish More: Three Areas To Work On

3 ways to change your life

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we can feel a little trapped by the daily grind. The same routines day-in-day-out, the same income, the same people, and the same relationships. While some areas of our life may be flourishing, thriving, and abundant, there could be parts of our daily routine that is bringing us down and affecting everything else. It happens! It takes a lot of awareness and conscious decision-making to be completely happy with every aspect of our lives. Most people don’t admit it, but to be truly happy, it is something that we must work on daily to ensure that we achieve it.

So what can you do right this minute to change your life? Perfect question! Today I wanted to share three areas that will drastically make an impact on your daily experience and assist in achieving more of what you want. I hope it gives you the confidence you need to pursue your happiness.

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Lexli Review: Aloe Vera Skin Care Products You Need To Try

Lexli Review. Aloe Vera Products

You may have seen Lexli on my counter tops in the past few months if you follow along on Instagram! Lexli has been the aloe vera based skin care brand I tested for the past month. Previously, I never thought about using pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera skin care products in my daily regimen, but after learning the dramatic health benefits, I am so shocked I hadn’t included it sooner. Keep reading for the full review on four Lexli products (including AloeGlyC®) and why you should try pharmaceutical-grade Aloe Vera skin care. PS. I share a 25% off discount code at the end!

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Nicholas K Opens Their First Store In Soho

Nicholas K FW 2018 Soho Store

Nicholas K recently opened their first brick and mortar in New York City. The duo design team have always been one to watch during New York Fashion Week, and is thrilling to see their collection up close. “We wanted to have a canvas to share our vision, meet our clients and educate them about the versatility of each design and the fibers we use.” – Nicholas Kunz.

The store is located 435 Broome Street, the heart of Soho, and features the designers’ Fall 2018 collection. The space includes white wash floors, beautiful tall plants, and parachutes from the ceiling. The interior design concept reflects an eco-conscious and sustainability that the brand is known for. Nicholas K is part of the CFDA + Lexus Eco Initiative, championing conscious living, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

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