Unexpected Combinations For Fall

A trend that’s looming this fall is unexpected combinations. Meaning pairing pieces you wouldn’t normally match. For instance, track pants with a white button down shirt as seen here.

Happily Grey is one of my favorite bloggers who does this trend exceptionally well, but it was also spotted all over the Georgine SS ’17 Runway Show this past fashion week. The collection was filled with mixed patterns like plaid and polka dots. Varied  colors such as bright yellows and deep purples. Rich textures such as leather with metal, and lace with fur. Most surprising is the mixed silhouettes; combining culottes with trench coats, and short sleeve jackets with long sleeve undershirts.

Other combinations in the collection were: Soft lace with combat boots, safety pins with super structured leather dresses, metallic leopard print and pinstriped skirts, and sequins with pink dyed fur. Not to forget those vivid track pants with leather detailing that swayed as the models moved. While the collection hinted on the other popular trend, 90’s punk rock, there were many notes of unexpected combinations. Take a look for yourself.

Unexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFW Unexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFWUnexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFW Unexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFWUnexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFWUnexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFWUnexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFW

Georgine is a New York based designer and debuted at New York Fashion Week in 2014.

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A Closer Look at Coach SS’17 line

New York Fashion Week  has ended, and yet we are still eagerly reviewing what we just witnessed on the runway. In the weeks ahead, I’ll do a rundown of trends spotted and how to wear them now. But today is all about Coach; the dramatic redirection of their line, and how Elvis Presely played a big part.

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Backstage at Michael Costello During NYFW

During New York Fashion Week, there were a few shows that I was particularly excited for. The Michael Costello Runway Show was on the top of the list! I nearly cried when I got the invite to see him at Moynihan Station on Thursday, September 8th.

As a self-taught designer, he went on to become a finalist in two separate seasons of Project Runway. I have watched him dress A-list celebrities such as Beyoncé and the Kardashians. His clothes are meant to make women feel beautiful, which you can clearly see below.

At the show, I sat directly behind a few cast members of the popular E! reality show WAGS. A number of other reality stars were in the crowd such as Summer Rae, Paris Hilton, and Dorothy Wang from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

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Misha Collection SS’17 NYFW

The Misha Collection runway show was held at Skylight Clarkson on September 9th. I knew very little about the Australian designer, but the moment I began reading about the young entrepreneur I gravitated towards her clothes. Starting at the age of 19 selling clothes on eBay to forming Misha in her family’s garage,  I was eager to see what Michelle- the founder- drew up for the Spring Summer line.

The show opened in a beautiful sequence of leopard print numbers then shifted to light metallics and structured white dresses. The collection on a whole was a very sultry mix of dresses, jumpsuits, and bodysuits. I love how detailed each piece was and filled to the brim with texture. I also appreciated the immaculately cut and tailoring of each look to fit a woman’s body.

Jourdan Dunn was the distinct model in this show and wore the closing look- a gold lamé dress. You can see her in the first and last photos! Michelle is featured in the last photo as well.

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Noon by Noor SS ’17 at NYFW

On September 8th, Noon by Noor held their Spring Summer 2017 runway collection at Skylight Clarkson during New York Fashion Week. Alexa Chung, Happily Grey, and a few other big league bloggers rolled out to attend the early morning show.

Since it was the first official day of NYFW, the staff was still getting a hang of seating, which inevitably lead me to wait patiently on the sideline. I didn’t mind though because I got to meet two awesome ladies, one happened to be UK Vlogger Fleur de Force. We chatted about the start of Fashion week and what shows we were covering. Fleur was flown out by MAC cosmetics and Morocco oil for events. We exchanged funny stories before grabbing a few front row seats.

When the runway show began, I quickly saw why the venue was packed. The clothes were beautiful and flowed effortlessly around the model’s quick strides. The light, neutral fabrics slightly graze the models form. I love the minimal details in each look, just a hint of embellishment. Very soft and feminine. From the collection alone, I am pretty certain this upcoming Spring I will be rocking a train of some sort.

Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Rock Paper Glam Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Rock Paper Glam Spring Summer 2017 NYFW looks Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway showimg_6007 img_6056img_6036 img_6028 Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show

What piece do you love most? Let me know in the comments below.

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Nick Graham and Havana Nights at NYFWM

On July 13th at Skylight Clarkson Sq, Nick Graham presented his collection at Men’s New York Fashion Week. The theme was our men in Havana and not a detail was missed. Prior entering the venue, flight attendants handed out brochure’s describing the show as well as a sweet voucher to fly to Havana yourself!

Once inside a beautiful band welcomed guests with authentic Cuban sounds. To open the show, women clad in custom garb came out and danced. When the runway models came out, they not only walked the runway but found a spot to stand for the duration of the show. Under each model’s standing spot was the description of the piece worn. For bloggers and buyers, this is brilliantly for taking additional photos after the runway ended.

The clothes themselves were beautifully designed, showing you can never go wrong with a great structured suit. It was fun to see the rich colors and patterns used to take the basic silhouette of a suit to a new level. The reason I love menswear is how easily it can translate to women’s wear. I steal menswear concepts all the time to create a minimalist and sophisticated look.  Nick Graham definitely created pieces I could totally see myself sporting.

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