An Easy Way To Participate In Earth Month 2019

TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers. Earth Month. Sustainable Fashion

April marks Earth Month, and I have a simply way for you and your friends to participate in giving back to Mother Nature. April 3rd, TENCEL™ launched their Earth Month campaign, which includes social media actions and buying cute pieces that are eco-friendly. They’ve teamed up with One Tree Plant to help replant the 876,000 acres of trees that were destroyed by wildfires in California last year. To learn more about TENCEL™, how to get involved, and what brands are participating, keep reading!

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Upcoming Color Trends For 2019

color trend

Whether you are just looking to keep your finger on the pulse or genuinely want to be up with the latest trends, this article will guide you to what’s up and coming. With trends changing all the time, we have pinpointed top resources in the fashion industry to give us a heads-up on what’s going to be big this summer.

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Favorite Accessories For Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Accessories

Is it truly an outfit if there are no accessories to match? I mean, debatable… But for our liking, we prefer a few items to accompany a good outfit. This Spring, there are a couple of accessories that caught our eyes. While felt brim hats are still a big hit (thank goodness), there are a few new hair pieces and jewelry statements we can’t wait to try on this season. Let us know in the comments which accessory trends you’ll focus on for Spring 2019!

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The Perfect Jumpsuits For Spring

Perfect Jumpsuits For Spring 2019

We’ve been patiently waiting for your arrival, Spring. To celebrate the days to come where coats aren’t necessary, we’ve compiled a list of favorite Jumpsuits for Spring 2019. Why do we love this all-in-one fashion statement? Well, particularly for that reason. It’s a one stop shop for an entire outfit that is simple to style. There are a plethora of new trends to try and rock for Spring. Even a few appropriate for work, making those mornings where the snooze alarm was hit 5 extra times a little more manageable. Take a look!

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The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019

The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019

Jeans are the foundation of any good outfit. I typically style my looks around the denims I’ll be wearing that day. In the last few years, high waisted jeans have become my go-tos. I love the fit and feel of wearing them, and never have to worry about those embarrassing moments of bending down and flashing the entire room, like hiya I’m here!

I’ve tried several different brands, and gathered my absolute favorite high waisted jeans for Spring 2019. I divided each pick into three categories: skinny, straight legged, and wide legged jeans. These are my top picks based on style, fit, comfort, and price. If you tried any of these brands, let me know in the comments your thoughts!

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Women Owned Businesses Easy to Support (this list might shock you!)

women owned businesses

*Updated March 2019*

You know I love to help and support my fellow female entrepreneurs! When and where I can, I love to show my support with my $$$. Here is a list of women owned businesses, and most were formed in the efforts of helping and supporting other women. All the feels right now…

Tone It Up

Two awesome trainers started the booming workout community that strives to empower other women! Karena and Katrina share workout tips, easy to make recipes, and have daily toning moves on their website. They also have a one-time fee nutrition plan that will help you gauge what to eat and how much depending on your dietary needs. I paid the fee and can tell you first hand it is so worth it! Learn more here. Also, their protein products are now at Target!


The fastest growing woman-owned business in the US founded by Sarah Kauss. The water bottle that keeps cold liquids cold for 12 hours and hot liquids hot for 8, just became more empowering to use.


The natural cotton tampon company providing healthy feminine care. These women care about our health and reproductive systems and are providing safe, hygienic alternatives. Thanks, ladies!


The no nonsense vitamin essentials geared to support women’s health. When the founder, Kat was pregnant, she couldn’t find a prenatal vitamin worth swallowing. So she created her own, without all the gross additives and fillers. For $30 a month, that’s a pretty good deal.


Started from a blog now their here… as a mega-booming skincare line for the real girls out there.

The Skimm

start your day informed with this condensed, often witty version of what’s happening in the world mail straight to your inbox.

Rent The Runway

In my opinion, the most genius fashion innovation of our time, where you can rent designer clothes for a small fee. Who wears the same dress anyway?

This super cute accessories and clothing company will brighten anyone’s day.

Clare V.

Famous for her clutch, has now developed a line of clothes and other handbags. All the cool girls rock her.

Summer Fridays

Founded by bloggers Marianna + Lauren, these two beauty gurus came out with their own line of overnight masks to replenish our skin. It’s already one of Sephora’s top performers, and it includes clean ingredients. 

Shop All These Wonderful Brands Below:

If you want to help support my blog (this female entrepreneur!), shop through my site. I use links that will generate a commission from the retailer, and it won’t affect your price! Simply click on the image you want to shop, and that’s it! It helps me to continue to create articles like these that are authentic and from my heart. Thank you always!

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Being A Girl Boss With Your Clothing Business

Clothing Business

If you love clothing and have always dreamed of being your own boss, the time may be right for you to stop dreaming and take action. With the world more connected than ever, it can be easier to connect with manufacturers, collaborators and potential clients around the world. Starting your own clothing business might seem intimidating, but with a little hard work, you can become successful in the fashion industry. Working for yourself doing something you love can be much more fulfilling than working at a business in another industry where your efforts help to make someone else rich. 

Here are some of our top tips to help you find success with your clothing business launch. 

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What To Wear On A First Date

what to wear on a first date. Formal and casual outfit options

The first date comes with a slew of nerves and excitement. I get school-girl-giddy for first dates, it’s actually pretty cute and rather hysterical. Often the question that is on everyone’s mind is, what do I wear on a first date? Since first dates are typically a nice dinner or a casual meetup, it’s actually easier to plan than you may assume. The options I mention in this article are perfect wardrobe stable to have on hand when a first date arises. Enjoy!

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Victoria Hayes Fall Winter 2019 Collection

Victoria Hayes FW2019

Victoria Hayes is a young designer who debuted in 2016, and whom I have been following since. Each collection she presents becomes more eye grabbing, inspiring, and insanely gorgeous. The fabric and details that Hayes pairs is entirely unique which makes each piece come to life. Her design style showcases a feminine yet strong motif throughout. It is no surprise that her work has been worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Cardi B, and Alicia Keys.

Hayes presented her newest collection at New York Fashion Week, and is the 2019 recipient of the Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award for Womenswear. Let’s take a look!

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Tom Ford Fall Winter 2019 Collection

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2019 Runway

New York, New York. On February 6th, Tom Ford marked the start of New York Fashion Week. His collection was a series of subdued and understated pieces, which is a stark difference from his typical elaborate creations. Vogue reported that post show Ford stated the collection is a reflection of society’s search for security. He went on to say “I feel frustrated and agitated and exhausted. And I don’t want to wear anything particularly challenging or anything particularly aggressive.”- Vogue.

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How To Dress Your Body With Love & Respect

I truly believe there are so many fashion blogs because styling and dressing is a common issue we all face. What looks flattering, how to match certain pieces, what do we desperately need tailored or tossed out? These are the questions we all have had at some point. Today, I am diving in on common fashion issues and how to dress your body with love and respect. I love the quotes, “When we look our bests, we feel our bests. When we feel our bests, we are paid our best.” It’s incredibly interesting how others treat us when we take care of our outer appearance and shower ourselves love and respect.

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