What You Need To Know About The New Tech From Google

Pixel 3 XL Clearly White. New Tech From Google 2018

Google announced their latest edition of hardware in New York City on October 9th. The new line of electronics range from tablets to home devices that will sure to transform how you live. And of course the brand new Pixel 3 phone was revealed with all new camera capabilities and software.

Hearing the release of he new hardware (Pixel Slate, Google Home Hub, and the Pixel 3), I was super excited how each piece was built for function, efficiency, and fun. Here is what you need to know about the new line Made by Google.

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Throwing A Secret Bachelorette Party? Read this!

secret bachelorette party

Throwing a surprise party is difficult no matter what occasion. However, when it comes to a surprise bachelorette party, you have a tough task on your hands. It is one of those pivotal moments that your best friends will remember for the rest of their lives. To ensure it is something to look back on for all of the right reasons (rather than the wrong ones) it’s essential to prep and plan well before the actual date. This blog post will provide you with all of the tips you need to ensure your best friend’s secret bachelorette party is a resounding success. So, let’s take a look…

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14 New York Fashion Week Events Open To The Public

Next week is the beginning of New York Fashion Week. While the shows are primarily for those who work within the industry (buyers and press), there are ways to celebrate the excitement by attending New York Fashion Week events open to the public. These events often include entertainment, drinks, prizes, and a slew of good memories to share with friends before the end of summer. Honestly, sometimes these are way more fun to attend.

Here are a list of New York Fashion Week events open to the public.

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The Future of Gender Equality in Rural Areas

Voices of rural women are being heard this month at the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62). The topics range from abuse against women, to labor laws, women in politics, giving the tools and support to empower women, and how to educate men in respecting women. I had the opportunity in talk with several world leaders on a more casual basis while listening to different panels. These are the topics, people, and organizations that stood out the most. Here is the future of Gender Equality In Rural Areas:

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What are the SDGs and How to Get Involved

What are the SDGs and How to Get Involved

“We can all make a difference. We need to work hard. Believe in ourselves, never give up and take those opportunities for growth and change…”

Last week I attended the ECOSOC Youth Forum at the United Nations. ECOSOC stands for The Economic and Social Council at the UN where members from around the world come together to discuss innovative sustainability solutions, policy changes, and development goals.

The Youth Forum strives to “brings the voice of youth into the discussion of the Millennium Development Goals and post-2015 development agenda”- UN.org. One way in which they are striving to do this is through the 17 SDGs.

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Go Boldly With Cat Footwear

Go Boldly Cat Footwear Event

Earlier this month, I attended Cat Footwear “Go Boldly” event in their showroom. I knew of the brand prior to going but was unaware of the women’s shoes they produced. I was actually really impressed by the designs and aesthetics. I typically remembered Cat footwear being very industrial and masculine. While there are still some masculine components to the shoes, I can see how they used softer materials and hues to make it more feminine.

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The Newest Technology Made By Google 

Today Google released the latest innovated technology that will soon hit the marketplace and our homes. I was invited as a Team Pixel Ambassador to attend the big announcement in person held at the Jazz Center in San Francisco. Here are all the details on what to expect next from Google.

To kick off the big announcement, I met the Google Team Pixel the night before at their San Francisco offices. I met other members from across the country and connected with familiar Pixel users.

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Ways to Help Puerto Rico and Mexico City

Puerto Rico and Mexico City Disaster Relief

I wanted to take a minute to share my absolute condolence to those impacted by the natural disasters in both Mexico City and Puerto Rico. I have met the most incredible people and have loved ones from both locations. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering. Our world needs our help.

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An Evening with Sebago High Above New York City

It is finally starting to feel like Summer here in the city! The warm weather has arrived, and what better way to celebrate than with some new shoes!

I recently attended the Sebago Fall & Winter 2017 Press Preview that took place close to Carnegie Hall. It is one of my favorite areas of the city, chock full of history. The music hall has housed some of the most incredible musicians of our time, and for many years Bill Cunningham resided upstairs. For that reason alone, I simply love the Carnegie Hall Neighborhood.

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