November Holiday Favorites

I feel like it was just Halloween, now we are passed Thanksgiving. Where did the time go?

Today I would like to share a few of my holiday favorites with the help of PopSugar’s November Must Have box. It is by far my favorite monthly subscription box, loaded with goodies for everyone. My personal beloved piece is always the yummy snacks, but there are a number of star pieces I actually use daily. Here are my holiday favorites from November:

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October Must Have with POPSUGAR

A week ago I received the October Must Have Box from Popsugar. It is by far my favorite curated monthly box I have received! It was so thoughtfully crafted with all the fall must-haves, including some yummy Cocoa Mix. I want to share what was inside plus how you can get $5 off your first box!

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Styled By Plan de Ville

Last night I went to the Plan de Ville showroom in Manhattan. It is a very cute, all white room with racks of beautifully curated pieces. I felt as if I had walked into my dream closet. Catherine Smith, the founder and fashion director of Plan de Ville, was one of the first people to greet me at the door. It was the most genuine hellos I’ve had in a while. In such a busy fast past industry, I felt I was really appreciated being and acknowledge.

Catherine brought me through the showroom and answered several of my awe-inspired questions. Like what is the number one piece every woman should own. Her answer- a bodysuit! I couldn’t agree more. She then pulled this lace, bell sleeved bodysuit that was to die for.

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GiGi New York Pop Up Shop And Fall Preview

Earlier this month, in the midst of Fashion Week, I stopped by the GiGi New York Pop Up Shop in the Meatpacking district. There they had a beautiful setup of their latest line of Fall handbags as well as a few special pieces that will be releasing in November. Three of my favorite pieces were the Jennie Saddle Bag, Metallic Clutch, and Olive Piper Suede Pouch.

Why I like GiGi New York handbags is because the material is of a high quality while price point is relatively affordable. The designs are sleek and easy to match with any wardrobe while maintaining a shaping and size that is practical. All around these babies can last a long time and fit an ever changing wardrobe.

With the GiGi photographer Steve, we did a quick impromptu photo shoot with my favorites around the meatpacking district.

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A Night with Elle and Abercrombie

Song for this article is: Out of My System by Youngr

I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be writing about a brand I boycotted in fifth grade. I had extreme detest for a certain clothing company that promoted their merchandise with half naked models. I vividly remember the rest of my class excitedly adorning their newest and latest from Abercrombie & Fitch. But not me. At ten years old I made certain to not even step foot in their doors.

So when I received the confirmation from Elle Magazine that I’ll be attending the Fall 16′ preview of the line I had once much despised, I laughed. Oh, how the times have changed.

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Goodbye Summer, Until Next Year

Most people don’t know this but I started Rock Paper Glam as a way to talk about not only fashion but music. If you know me, you know my adorations and unforgiving affair with music. It is as part of me as my own hands feverishly typing away this last summer article.

I want to test something out. It could be fun or a fail, but I thought I would pick one of my favorite songs of the moment to accompany my articles. It will be either from Youtube or Spotify, and you can play it in the background while reading this piece. THIS IS NOT SPONSORED, this is just something I thought would be fun. The summer song that I felt fitting to this piece is King of Summer by Ayokay Featuring Quinn XCII…. Enjoy and let me know if you like this idea in the comments below!

Summer is winding down. Most people are sad about the idea of sunny days and long nights vanishing to cooler weather. But I am eager. I cannot wait. This summer has been difficult, to say the least. To quickly sum up what my summer had been like, it was 1 car crash (not our fault), 1 concussed mother, a move and 3 months of being annoyingly sick. At the end, I just threw my hands in the air and said, “I give up!” Summer ’16 was just not in my favor. So what. There is always more summers, more season, more chances to create fun memories.

These photos are of me embracing the shorter nights to come and looking forward to the change of weather. Soaking up the last bits of Summer sun but excitedly waiting to see what September and my favorite season, Fall, will bring.

ruffled off the shoulder Shein Zara pleated Skirt

End of Summer Look ruffled off the shoulder Shein Zara pleated Skirt

Shein Blouse off the shoulder pleated skirt

ruffled off the shoulder Shein Zara pleated Skirt

End of summer look

ruffled off the shoulder Shein Zara pleated Skirt

ruffled off the shoulder Shein Zara pleated Skirt


Top: SheIn -On Sale and Ships in 24 hrs!

Skirt: Zara old, but similar here and more affordable here

Shoes: Target again old, similar on sale here and affordable here

Hat: H&M, similar for $7 here

Bracelet: Abercrombie&Fitch

BTW, mom’s okay. I am starting to feel better. There are ups and downs in life, that is just how it is. I am grateful for the good parts.

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I Moved! Plus New Home Goods

I moved! It is that exciting time in my life where I picked up all my belongings and hauled it to a new spot. I am back in the beautiful city of New York (no more Jersey!), and I couldn’t be happier. With each move and new space, I undoubtedly pick up a few essentials to decorate my place. Whether it is a rug that fits perfectly in the new dimensions or a few decorations that highlight the beginning of an adventure,  I like adding pieces that are brand new. It makes the processes of unpacking more magical and something I highly recommend. Plus, little trinkets later tell a story of the different moves you made in your life. It is a fun way to captivate the journey.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.13.41 PM

Today, I am partnering with UncommonGoods to showcase a few of my favorite home decor to pick up after a move or to revamp your current space. As a native Brooklyn-based company, it only made sense I went to UncommonGoods for beautifully crafted pieces. Why I really love the company is for their designer items that neither harm animals nor people by having a high minimum wage. They also support sustainability by using recycled or upcycled materials. These are just a few reasons, but believe me, there are tons of other ways the company is giving back.

Shopping through UncommonGoods decoration, I found my top favorite pieces for my new home and possibly yours as well. Feel free to click the photo for more information and to shop the post:

UncommonGoods Smartphone Vase

Designer Honeycomb Table topArt work from uncommongoods Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.44.40 PM




handmade lidded basket

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.49.34 PMLet me know in the comments if you moved recently and what your favorite pieces are.

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PS #MustHaveBox: What’s Inside?

POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try for the month of June. Similar to Birchbox and Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style, the Must Have Box is POPSUGAR’s version on the monthly subscription box that has become uber popular. And I got to try it for myself!

Not knowing what was going to be inside made it that more exciting to rip open the beautiful packaging. Which for one moment, can we admire before diving in. I love that PS used hot pink and white to send the goodies instead of a plain brown box.

So, what’s inside?

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Simply Scrub: 100% Organic and Natural Scrub

Another amazing healthy skin care alternative is here and I got to test it out for myself! Simply Scrub sent over 4 different flavors of their line to try. I call them flavors because there are so yummy smelling and dare say edible. Now I don’t recommend eating the scrub, but they are packed with incredible ingredients that can be found in your own pantry. That’s right, each ingredient in the scrub is not only pronounceable but you will know exactly what it is. That always makes me feel more at ease knowing what I am placing on my skin.

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