Anti-Aging Questions And Answers

Anti-Aging Questions

Growing old should be seen as a gift, but so many people worry about what they are going to look like that they can sometimes forget this. If you take care of yourself; eat well, protect your skin from the sun and apply lotion, growing old gracefully is definitely achievable.

Remember that the lines on your face tell a story so you shouldn’t be worried or ashamed of them. Instead wear them as a badge of honor and think about your well-lived life. There are some signs of aging that can be prevented or treated, such as dry skin and pigmentation. Have a look below at some of the things you can do to help prevent skin damage.

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The Beauty Drink I Have Every Day

The Beauty Drink I have every day

I am not into the gimmicks, and often don’t swear by one thing to be the answer for everything. However, what I am about to share with you does work and has been for over 2000 years. It is one of the first solutions for medicines and has been known to give you amazing skin.

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An 8 Hour Eye Mask That Will Leave You Refreshed!

Viicode 8 hour eye mask

I am living for any type of masks right now; hair masks, face masks, eye masks. I feel they are the golden ticket; the cure for all beauty ailments. I am not sure why it has taken me this long to discover the beauty behind masks (bad pun), but I am so glad I have.

Today I want to share an incredible find that I think you will love. VIIcode created an 8-hour overnight eye mask treatment, which is different from other sheet masks. This eye mask is designed to treat dark circle, puffiness, and signs of aging.

What Is It?

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8 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Beauty Routines

8 ways to use coconut oil

I love oils and especially coconut oil. I lather in it after a hot shower or bath. The benefits of coconut oil are incredible and it is super easy to incorporate the powerful ingredient into any part of a beauty routine!

Why coconut oil is so amazing for your internal and external health:

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How I naturally Whiten my teeth for under $8

coconut oil pulling

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is not only expensive, time-consuming, but also dangerous.  I have close friends and family members relay stories of how having their teeth professionally whitened by dentist destroyed their enamel and caused them to have super sensitive teeth. Of course, not everyone will have that experience if you wish to go that route, but I have found a super safe, simple and affordable way to whiten teeth at home. It involves one ingredient, takes 5 minutes max, and costs less than $8. That remedy is… coconut oil pulling.

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A Quick Favor!

Sephora Squad

Sephora just launched a new influencer platfrom called #SephoraSquad where beauty gurus will be selected to speak on their expertise. I have been educating, researching, and reviewing natural beauty since 2013 and would love the chance to be apart of their community to bring more awareness to the public on why CLEAN BEAUTY is incredibly important. If I have helped you through the years in anyway, from skincare to clean beauty brands, I’d love your testimony. Or if you’d like to see an advocate for healthy beauty products on the panel, please submit your vote! Your sweet words to Sephora will strengthen my chances to become part of their team and share my passion for healthy skin.

The form can be found here, and takes less than 2 minutes to fill out (unless you want to gush on how awesome I am at reporting clean beauty, then take as long as you need).

I truly appreciate your help and support! This opportunity will allow me to continue to put out free information on safe and effective skincare, wellness, and beauty products.

Sephora Squad
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My favorite Blemish Fighter: Mighty Patch

Mighty Patch

I don’t know about you but the holiday stress did a number on my skin. Between all the good food, the change in weather, the pressure to get things done before the new year left my skin looking pretty rough. The one saver that helped with breakouts were these incredible Might Patches by Hero Cosmetics. I’ve been using these since Thanksgiving and I am completely hooked! So if clear, glowing skin is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then keep reading!

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Buying Makeup Online? Full Advice Guide

Buying Makeup Online? Full Advice Guide

The advent of e-commerce has been very kind to makeup fans. Where buyers were once restricted to what was available from their local drug store, women are now able to choose from literally thousands of different sites, all offering expansive product ranges, great prices, and a convenient shopping experience that is tough to beat.

However, buying makeup online is very different from going through the same process in a store. There is no way to swatch the colors and see how they look, nor to sample the testers in an effort to ascertain the product quality. Due to this, many women find that they place orders for makeup that they then find they cannot use, and that they cannot return to the store due to hygiene rules.

Nevertheless, buying makeup online offers so much choice and variety, it’s worth persevering – and the tips below should help to ensure the process of doing so is as smooth, and successful, as possible.

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Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Beauty

The Holiday’s are right around the corner! Can you believe it? I feel like this year zoomed by, but then again I feel like that every year once November hits. I am kicking off the holiday gift guide series for 2018 with suggestions on what to give the beauty lovers in your life. If you have a mother, sister, girlfriend who is obsessed with skincare, creating makeup looks, or is a hair fanatic, I have great ideas for you!

I split each gift idea into three sections: Hair, Makeup, Skincare to make it easier for you to sift through. Each item listed is linked to the exact place to buy the gift. Some occasionally have gift wrapping available, making it even easier during crunch time. I personally shifted and searched through the web to create this list, so it’s extra personal and extra thoughtful. I’ve also only included brands I trust, have used, or know will be a hit with your loved ones. You can rest assure that what you’re gifting will showcase how much you care for that special individual. So without further ado, here is a blogger holiday gift guide 2018: beauty!

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Lexli Review: Aloe Vera Skin Care Products You Need To Try

Lexli Review. Aloe Vera Products

You may have seen Lexli on my counter tops in the past few months if you follow along on Instagram! Lexli has been the aloe vera based skin care brand I tested for the past month. Previously, I never thought about using pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera skin care products in my daily regimen, but after learning the dramatic health benefits, I am so shocked I hadn’t included it sooner. Keep reading for the full review on four Lexli products (including AloeGlyC®) and why you should try pharmaceutical-grade Aloe Vera skin care. PS. I share a 25% off discount code at the end!

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This Natural Product Line Changed My Skin In A Week

This Natural Product Line Changed My Skin In A Week Kiehl's Skincare line

I am very late to the game with this brand, but recently I tried Kiehl’s skincare line and wow the results were insane. I should mention, I tend to have dry skin with a bit of sun damage (wear your sunscreen people!). I have been skeptical by the cult brand for years, thinking it is too overpriced for what it was. But then, at the last place I stayed while traveling they had Kiehl’s products. From body scrub to moisturizers and toners. This is what I discovered after using the products for 10 days consistently.

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The 5 Best BB and CC creams for Summer

The 5 Best BB and CC creams for summer 2018

Summer weather requires slight adjustments to our beauty routine. In the winter, it’s all about the perfect moisturizers, full coverage foundation, slight bronzing, and red lips. However, Summer brings warmer weather, sun exposure, and natural tans. Meaning, that heavy winter look isn’t exactly going to stand a chance in 80 degree weather. It also requires skin protection against different environmental elements.

For these reasons, I recently started to incorporate BB (beauty balm) and CC (color correcting) creams into my beauty routine once Spring hits. They are lighter formula foundations that often have SPF infused into them. Their sheerness makes the makeup breathable and last longer in the warmer months. Plenty include anti-aging properties, skincare elements, and flawless finishes.

If this is something you’re looking for, keep reading as I share the top 5 BB and CC creams currently on the market.

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