Lexli Review: Aloe Vera Skin Care Products You Need To Try

Lexli Review. Aloe Vera Products

You may have seen Lexli on my counter tops in the past few months if you follow along on Instagram! Lexli has been the aloe vera based skin care brand I tested for the past month. Previously, I never thought about using pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera skin care products in my daily regimen, but after learning the dramatic health benefits, I am so shocked I hadn’t included it sooner. Keep reading for the full review on four Lexli products (including AloeGlyC®) and why you should try pharmaceutical-grade Aloe Vera skin care. PS. I share a 25% off discount code at the end!

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This Natural Product Line Changed My Skin In A Week

This Natural Product Line Changed My Skin In A Week Kiehl's Skincare line

I am very late to the game with this brand, but recently I tried Kiehl’s skincare line and wow the results were insane. I should mention, I tend to have dry skin with a bit of sun damage (wear your sunscreen people!). I have been skeptical by the cult brand for years, thinking it is too overpriced for what it was. But then, at the last place I stayed while traveling they had Kiehl’s products. From body scrub to moisturizers and toners. This is what I discovered after using the products for 10 days consistently.

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My New Favorite Highlighter… It’s So Affordable!

Hi beauties! 2018 is already off to a glowing start. If you follow along on Instagram, you know I am not one to take a selfie or to wear a bunch of makeup. But a good highlighter is my kryptonite. I am all for that extra dewy skin glow.

I was even more shocked as to where I found my new favorite highlighter. It’s not from a brand or palette you’d ever expect! It’s actually a drugstore brand and is super affordable. Want to know what it is?

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My favorite Blemish Fighter: Mighty Patch

Mighty Patch

I don’t know about you but the holiday stress did a number on my skin. Between all the good food, the change in weather, the pressure to get things done before the new year left my skin looking pretty rough. The one saver that helped with breakouts were these incredible Might Patches by Hero Cosmetics. I’ve been using these since Thanksgiving and I am completely hooked! So if clear, glowing skin is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then keep reading!

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Eliminate Bed Head With This Simple Trick

Slip Silk Pillowcase Review

I was recently sent the Slip Xo pillowcase to test out and review. I have been incredibly curious by this brand for some time now after reading other bloggers’ experiences. One travel blogger even went as far as recommending these cases while you travel so you don’t wake up with sleep lines or creases on your face. It was when Jen Atkin started promoting it, I knew I had to give it a try.

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Ever Wonder What Happens If You Dowse Your Hair In Champagne?

cuvee beauty

You normally wouldn’t think champagne and hair care would go together, but that’s exactly what happened when Cuvée beauty was formed. Each and every single Cuvée product contains a unique blend of champagne, white truffle, platinum ferment extracts, resveratrol, ceramides, plant proteins, and botanicals. I mean talk about a hair elixir. You can read how the founder came up with the idea that the bubbly drink would work as a hair product here. The real question is, does it work?

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Three Of My Favorite Natural Sunscreens That Work!

Best natural sunscreens for summer 2017

Suns out, buns out! Protect your skin this summer with these amazing natural sunscreens. Not only do they protect you from UV rays, but also promotes healthy skin by using the best ingredients. Why not wear a sunscreen that also reverses signs of aging while you are playing in the sun!

Here are my favorite natural sunscreens, tested and approved by yours truly.


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