Day 21: Reward And Repeat

reward and repeat!

You did it! We made it to day 21. Today we are discussing the very last lesson in the series and it’s probably the most important one of all. That is to reward ourselves and continue to practice what we have learned. Repeat all of these lessons until they become second nature. Many people start the process but forget to continue what they’ve discovered works for them. We’ll dive into the reason why it’s important to reward ourselves and how to continue the momentum.

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Day 20: Try New Things

The benefits of trying new things

It is easy to get caught up in a routine that feels comfortable and safe. The problem with doing the same things over and over is that we aren’t learning, growing, or progressing. Our soul needs new experiences to stay alive, vibrant, ambitious, and expansive. Today, we are discussing the benefits of adding new things to our daily schedule. I’ll also list out suggestions on how to get started. Let’s begin!

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Day 19: Meet New Friends

meet new friends. the benefits of friendships

Soulmate doesn’t necessary mean a husband or wife, they can be friends who are equaling as important and connected. I have plenty of soul sisters, or soulmates who are my best friends. They’ve been there through the hardest moments of my life and the best moments. They are often the ones who shed a new light on a situation, or talk me off the ledge during times of stress. Having people in your life who love you unconditionally, will show up, and hold you accountable is what makes this journey so special.

Meeting new friends not only breaks the cycle of isolation, but also widens our world. You never know who you’ll meet and how they will impact your life. Not every single one needs to be a soulmate or soul sister status, but it’s important to allow others to come in and broaden our vision or experiences. Today I am sharing more on why it’s important to meet new friends and how to cultivate a community.

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Day 18: Power Of Play

Power of Play

When is the last time you let go and let down for a moment to really enjoy life? How about the last time you did something because it was fun not because you had to? We face many responsibilities each day as adults, which is even more reason why it’s important to play.

Today I am sharing the benefits of playing as adults as well as my personal experience with the concept. It’s one of those ideas that seems silly at first, but the benefits are significant.

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Day 17: The Healing Capabilities Of Laughter

Day 17: The Healing Capabilities Of Laughter

It’s commonly thrown around that as children, we would laugh somewhere between 300-400 times a day. As an adult it diminishes to about 15 times a day. Why is this important? Today, we’ll discuss the drastic benefits of a hearty laugh, the healing capabilities of laughter, and how often we should be laughing to notice a soulful difference.

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Day 16: Motivational Quotes

motivational quotes

Food for the soul are often words that resonate. Have you ever read something, a passage, or a quote that hits your core? Whether it is a healing passage or a concept that makes complete sense, it resonates on an inner level. Sometimes it’s speeches, motivational talks, conferences or seminars that really shifts our perspectives and feeds our souls. All of these moving messages are important and healthy for our lives. They add value and new direction.

I found that motivational quotes are the most condense and effective ways to nourish our inner being, especially during difficult times. It brings hope, solutions, awareness, a new perspective, and often healing. Today I wanted to do something a bit different and share quotes that have impacted my life and hope they can help you as well. Feel free to share them or save the list for later!

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Day 15: Stress Release Through Meditation

the benefits of medtiation

Today is the start of the last week of the detox series. We’ve gotten rid of all the negative thoughts and replaced them with healthy sayings. We’ve ditched poor eating habits, and implemented healthy foods and actions. Today is the start of “the soul” week. The most incredible tool we all have that is often neglected, is our internal instincts. We intuitively know where to go and who to talk to. Yet a lot of clatter gets in our way, such as fear, other people’s suggestions, our own logical mind.

This week, we are diving into the mechanisms to get in touch with that internal GPS. We are starting off with meditation, probably by far the most important tool there is. Here is why:

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Day 14: Importance of Meal Prepping

the importance of meal prepping

I can’t believe this is the last day of “the body” week! Where did the time go? We are ending on a tip that changes the game when it comes to health, and that is meal prepping. I started meal prepping consistently last year, and I noticed it saves time, money, and keeps me nourished. I am also able to hit goals better without having to worry about what’s for lunch. It also eliminates the lethargic feeling of eating out because I wasn’t prepared. I’ll get into more reasons and what tools I use to meal prep below!

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Day 13: Pamper Your body!

Why Self care and added pamper sessions are needed when detoxing

Wow! I can’t believe we are more than halfway through this series. It been jammed packed with information that helped me gain a new life, and I hope it has been helping you too. Today’s discussion is on why self care and added pamper sessions are needed when detoxing. I am a big believer in rewarding ourselves for the hard work we put in, and doing so in a healthy way. I’ve also included the video I’ve been watching nonstop for the past week, it’s incredibly motivating and sums up exactly what we have been working on. Enjoy!

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Day 12: Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins Minerals, why they are important

Vitamins and minerals play a massive role in keeping our bodies functioning properly. They help break down food to provide energy, work together to help absorb essential minerals, allows our nervous system to work properly, and aids in creating collagen for the skin. We simply cannot live without them.

Today I am share the 13 vitamins and major minerals we need for a healthy body, what each one does, and my experience with vitamin deficiency.

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Day 10: 45 Minutes Of Exercise

45 minutes of exercise

“Move a muscle change a thought”, another popular saying I grew up with. When I was seriously moody or upset, my mom would reply with that quote. What I later realized is moving my body was not only beneficial for my physical health, but most importantly, my mental health. Today I am explaining the mental and physical importance of exercise, how it changed my life, and why 45 minutes of movement is all you need for a brighter future.

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Day 9: Find an eating plan & community that works for you

Day 9: Find an eating plan & community that works for you

We are hydrated, our minds are flowing in the right direction, and now it is time to embrace the outer world! It’s time to find a community that will support our journey, who we relate with, and find solace in one another’s stories.

We are also on the journey to find what eating plan works for us! I’ve found when it comes to meal plans, every single person will react differently. Our bodies are different, and therefore it makes sense that not one way of eating will work for everyone. Our job is to find what feels the best. I’ll explain more below!

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Day 8: One extra glass of water

extra water to stay healthy and hydrated

Today is the beginning of ‘the body’ week for the detox series. Most imagine this is the part where the diets and extreme exercise begins. Not at all. I want to encourage loving appreciation towards our bodies. After all, they are incredible instruments that work while we sleep, that function rather automatically, and have the ability to get us from point A to point B.

Instead, this detox portion is about aiding our bodies so we can function and feel the best possible. It’s enjoying the nourishment process, and basically not treating it like a trash can. I think that’s pretty manageable, how about you?

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