Careers For Those Who Can Think Five Steps Ahead

Careers For Those Who Can Think Five Steps Ahead

In the entire job market, one common truth prevails. You will always have more chance of success if you focus on a career you have strengths in. This way your skill will naturally develop with experience, and you’ll be going with the grain rather than against it. You will receive less criticism and feel in line with improvement. In short, you’ll feel satisfied in your career. 

This article is concerned with those who can think five steps ahead. This is a specific skill, as predicting is not always easy, and takes someone capable to observe and discern trends and patterns to succeed. If you’re reading this blog, we know you’re supremely intelligent anyway, so we hope the following career advice might suit you:


If you have ‘big picture’ thinking, becoming an entrepreneur could be for you. Starting an MBA in strategy online could give you a serious leg up in leading a team, and being prepared for when your idea is an inevitable success. The best entrepreneurs do have a string of failures under their belt before they are successful, but this isn’t the rule. Even if you experience this, each failure will only serve to strengthen your character and help you become more informed of the reason for your success. Working for yourself is truly a revolutionary act. We have full faith in you.


Video game esports were once a mainly recreational hobby, but in 2017 it has been labelled as a $1.5 billion dollar industry. If you have the mind for tactical thinking, social ability, and quick reactions, proving yourself in an esports team and heading to events could potentially win you millions in prize money. These sports are now just that, sports, as emphasized by coverage from ESPN and other sporting outlets. If you’re a dedicated player of your favorite video game such as Counter-Strike or Dota, you might just have a hand in taking it to the professional level.


If you are technologically literate, becoming a programmer might work well for you. Programmers are the architects of the digital world, and are responsible for the programs you use to conduct your life everyday. Simply taking a photograph on a smartphone takes thousands of lines of code. Digital literacy on this level is becoming more and more of a need everyday, to the point where even children are being taught it in early grade schooling. Just be wary that it takes a lot of patience to become a competent programmer. You might feel as though the odds are stacked against you when you spend a whole morning looking for a misplaced comma in your code, but when you pull off a program, all of your efforts will feel completely worth it.

PR Executive

Becoming a PR executive is great for people who are aware of the methods of manipulating public awareness. If you’re able to spin a product, can recognize trends, or find you’re a natural fit for selling items, working in PR can suit you. In this vein, we’d also recommend that you work in marketing, as the job roles are closely linked. Spinning positive images means understanding what the client wants to see in the current zeitgeist, and framing the products of sale around that. If you’re willing to apply a deft hand to helping a business get through a controversy, or rectify public issues your firm might have taken part in, then being a PR executive could be for you.

Personal Trainer

While tactics and other such considerations might not feel suitable to a personal training role, they certainly are. Every person is different, every body is different, and so tailoring a fitness plan for future results requires a good sense of faith and prediction. It can require gut feeling and intimacy in social interactions to become a great PT.

For example, working with a client who is battling simply to attend the gym everyday requires a degree of care and comfort in their new workout regime. This requires looking ahead and seeing the needs of the client, and optimizing it for their motivation, their expect progress and certain milestones to expect. This strategic view means you add a degree of personalized care for your clients, and you can be absolutely sure this will be appreciated as much as possible.

With these careers, your tactician’s mindset is sure to be stimulated.

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