Be The Boss Of Your Blog With These Solutions

Be The Boss Of Your Blog

Ready to make 2018 your year? Well, first of all, you can take charge of the year and ensure that it works out how you want it to by getting on top of your blog. Be the boss of your blog and you’ll then boss your year! Because who knows where a fantastic blog will take you; you might be able to finally monetize it and turn your blogging hobby into an astounding career.

Of course, there will be a few issues and problems that might stand in your way when you are trying to be the boss of your blog. To make sure you can successfully get past them, you need to arm you with these useful solutions.

Improve Internet Speed For Faster Uploads

Getting sick of it taking ages to upload all of your photos and video content onto your site? The reason for this is often a slow internet connection. Signing up for a new internet package, like the one offered by, should solve this. If it doesn’t, then you might live in an area with a poor internet speed, unfortunately. But there are other things you could try. For instance, try reducing the size of the files that you upload.

Leave Comments On Other Blogs To Get More On Yours

It’s always important to have readers engaged in what you’re talking about. It helps builds a community and brings different insight on the topic being discussed. It also helps with your SEO, which we’ll talk about next. Not getting many comments? One way you can get a few more comments is to start engaging with other bloggers and commenting on other blogs you love. Be as authentic as possible, and deliver feedback that adds to the discussion. You may grab the attention of one of their readers or the blogger! It’s like Instagram, the more you engage with the community, the more the community engages with you. Be social!

Work On Your SEO To Get More Web Traffic

Not happy with the level of web traffic you’ve been getting?  The best thing you can do to improve traffic is to work on your site’s SEO. If you aren’t too good with tech stuff, you might want to get an SEO agency like to help you out with this. But the most important thing to do is to sort out your metadata and ensure that you have plenty of links in your content. Also, research key terms being searched, post frequently, tag your images, and make sure readers become engaged with your material by asking them a question at the end of your post. More comments the better your article will read by Google.

Reconsider Your Content For Better Reader Loyalty

Getting readers to your blog is one thing. Keeping them and persuading them to return to your website is another thing altogether! If you don’t think that you are holding onto your readers then you should review your content. Do you have a definite focus for your blog? If your articles are on a wide range of topics, then this could be off-putting as readers might not always find what they want on your blog. Stick to one topic and ensure that your articles are as consistent as possible.

Good luck in bossing your blog! What areas are you working on to improve your blog this year? Let me know in the comments. 

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