From Boring Bedroom To Beautiful Boudoir In 3 Simple Steps

Boring Bedroom To Beautiful Boudoir

If you haven’t managed to give your bedroom even the simplest lick of paints in the last few years, it’s time to consider giving the room in which you sleep an overhaul. A beautiful bedroom is a room that is conducive to relaxation, oozes tranquility and can be a place for you to retreat to after a hectic day at work. The dream is to have your bed so comfortable it beckons you to rest your weary bones, and your entire bedroom to be a haven so peaceful and welcoming, while having a touch of luxury. It’s all too easy to get over-concerned with the comfort of a bedroom and forget a little bit of sexiness, fun and extravagance. Take a look at these three steps to take your bedroom to boudoir level.

The Bed

The center of any bedroom is the item of furniture that you spend most of your time in – the bed. Go for a queen or king sized if it will fit. You could select a high-end metal framed low bed, a high divan, or a more tactile leather sleigh bed. Ensure that you don’t skimp on your mattress and select a spring-filled or memory foam cushioned mattress that won’t give you a backache or a crooked neck every morning. Finally, the bedding you choose should be the ultimate in luxury. Splash out and choose from the wide range of Egyptian cotton king sheet sets that are available. Use throws, cushions and different textures to create a bed that you can’t help but jump on the moment you set eyes on it. It should envelop you and make you never want to leave its clutches!

The Lighting

For a sexier ambience, soften the harsh white strobes that you once had and use spotlights with a dimmer switch, soft yellow hued Edison bulbs in lamps and the odd candle or two. With more subtle lighting, you can create a range of different moods within your newly transformed boudoir, ready for any situation.

Make Sure Your Bedroom Has A Purpose

Your boudoir should not be the dumping ground for your gym equipment, laundry basket or the old box that your new flatscreen TV came in. Your bedroom needs to be a haven for relaxation and shouldn’t be cluttered with junk and other paraphernalia not appropriate for the bedroom. To sleep well, your bedroom should be a minimalist’s dream. Choose a muted color for your walls, complement the tone with your furnishings and layer cushion upon cushion to create the ultimate boudoir experience. If you have a chest of drawers with old deodorants, tissues and cotton buds, get rid of the junk. You need a more grown-up approach to creating the ambience and style of your boudoir.

Your bedroom needs to move from a random space to place your double bed to a luxurious haven of extravagant relaxation. Think boutique hotel, sexy boudoir and minimalist bolthole. Instead of dreading the walk up the stairs to bed every evening, you should be lighting the scented candles and having a hot bubble bath before slinking into your new king size bed and having a restful night’s sleep.


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