Boosting Your Confidence When You’re New to a Job

Boosting Your Confidence When You’re New to a Job

Being the newbie in the workplace sometimes has its perks. People often treat you a little better, they give you more time to adjust and they’re less likely to criticize you for mistakes that you make. However, that newbie stage can only last so long and eventually, we all have responsibilities and be accountable for the things so that we can be accepted into the team as a valued member and not just a new recruit.

To help boost your confidence so that you can fit into your new workplace, we’ve put together some useful tips that will help you cope with a new job.

Wake up Earlier and Get to Work

Make a good first impression by getting up earlier and going to work on time or early. You never want to be late on your first few weeks to work. Plus, you always want to be well-prepared for the challenges ahead of you on your first few days of work. Ask in advance when the earliest time you can get in is and try to figure out what the best course of action is once you finally do reach work. Do you have tasks already assigned to you, or do you need to wait for your manager to give you something to do? Do you have a list of tasks to complete, or will you need to wait for a colleague that is watching over you?

Set your alarm an hour earlier than you intend to get up and make sure you motivate yourself to give it 150% effort during the earlier stages of your new job. It might help to prepare for a busy day by preparing yourself the previous day. For instance, you could cook up a healthy and nutritious breakfast the night before and heat it up when you wake up, or you could pack all of your essentials such as a laptop and other documents into your bag so that you can simply pick it up and walk out the door.

Dress to Impress

Although you might have seen people in the office wearing jeans and colorful shirts, it doesn’t mean that you should initially feel comfortable enough to do so as well. Maintain a professional appearance and ease yourself into the office culture instead of trying to force your way into it. The type of clothes you get will also boost your confidence, especially if it makes you feel like you’re fitting in.

For example, if you’re new to a hospital and you haven’t been given your scrubs to wear yet, or if you don’t feel like the scrubs fit you then you could always buy your own set of work clothes to take to work assuming your employer allows it. You can see WonderWink Scrub Shop for more ideas if you’re interested in customized scrubs or keeping a spare pair at home. The way you dress will have a huge impact on your confidence at work, so don’t neglect something as seemingly innocent as what you wear.

Boosting Your Confidence When You’re New to a Job

Get to Know Your Colleagues

Your colleagues will make it a hundred times easier to fit into your new workplace, but it’s important to actually get to know them as soon as you can. Introduce yourself as early as possible so that people know your name and don’t be afraid to greet them in the mornings even if they look somewhat busy.

For the sake of conversation, you’ll want to try and speak with them on a regular basis assuming they don’t look too busy. Try to catch people when they’re at the water cooler or if you walk past them in the office. The earlier you get to know your colleagues, the more advice and help they can offer you should you need some assistance, and you’ll have a better time knowing that you’re integrating into the office culture.

Don’t Be Afraid of Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes at some point in their job, and new employees are prone to this when they haven’t been given sufficient advice. Don’t be afraid of making a few mistakes now and then, just don’t make it a habit that costs valuable time for your company. Failing and making mistakes is a part of any job, so it’s important to give yourself some slack instead of giving yourself negative self-talks all the time.

Embrace your mistakes and learn from them. If you’re having trouble, speak with your colleagues and ask for advice or go through the training materials that you were given before your employment.

Integrate Yourself Into the Office Culture

Embracing your office culture and integrating into all of the quirks that your colleagues have is going to be a huge boost to your confidence. Every office works differently; they all have their own morning rituals, their own workflow and their own tolerance for jokes and varying work ethics. Adjusting to your office culture can be difficult especially if it’s a lot different to what you’re used, but it’s essential that you try to fit in.

Speaking to your colleagues is a great way to get to know them and learn about the office culture, so use that as a starting point and make some new friends.

Put Extra Work Into Learning Your New Role

If you’re not comfortable in your new role yet, then it might be worth putting some extra effort into learning how to deal with your tasks or improve your efficiency. For instance, you could research on the internet how to use a specific piece of software that you’re unfamiliar with, or you could speak to your colleagues regarding something that you’re not used to.

It’s all about finding new ways to be more productive at work so that you can impress your manager and feel less stressed-out regarding your job. Don’t forget that you can study online to improve your skills if you’re willing to invest some extra time into your career.

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