Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Host

Holiday Gift Guide Host 2018

Attending a bunch of holiday parties during this time of year is a ritual that I love. I look forward to the well dressed home and festive cocktails. But what do you bring as a gift to show your appreciation? Each situation is different depending on the environment and how close you are with the host. I find food and wine to be the pretty standard gifts, while other household items, like a wind opener, are often forgotten but would make an incredible homey thank you as well. If it is a coworker inviting, try a coffee table book or coasters. Here are my ideas for the perfect holiday host gift. Simply scroll to shop the products below, click to find out more information. You can find all the holiday gift guides for 2018 right here. Enjoy!

Holiday Gift Guide For The Host

Holiday Gift Guide Host

Coffee Table & Cook Books

These beautiful and practical gifts are perfect for new friends, coworkers, or people who you admire. Coffee table books and cook books are sleek and fun to flip through. They are also very versatile, I know many friends who have coffee table books in their offices as decoration. Try these suggestions below for the perfect host gift:

Kitchen & Home Goods

If you are heading to someone’s intimate home gathering and you’ve known them for years, then these are great gifts. Some are extravagant, but so worth it for those whom you love dearly. Think of all the incredible moments you had together this past year, and thank them for the memories shared. These gifts will provide new memories to come, such as the mixer or retro coffee maker. Others will help simplify their lives, such as the Google Home Hub. The smaller gift options are great for hosts who you just met or are getting to know better. Overall, these are the type of thoughtful gifts that will last a lifetime:

Cozy Gifts

Maybe you are heading to your best friend’s new place, or to your relatives for a holiday party. Bring along a cozy host gift. Plush blankets are perfect, or delicious scented candles to warm the room. I know I would be super happy to receive something to keep me warm through the winter. On top of that, these gifts are beyond stunning and will upgrade any room.

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