Best Boots and Booties for Fall 2017

Boots and Booties for Fall 2017

My absolute favorite part about Fall is breaking out the boots. I love my over the knee boots from Stuart Weitzman, which you can see how I styled here. I plan on styling these boots in an even more casual way very soon to share on the blog. These over the knee boots are so versatile and will add to any look! Definitely worth the investment.

I also really love flat ankle boots for Fall and Winter. They are more practical when it comes to running errands or for everyday functions. I also don’t care as much if they get a little dirt or snow on them, where as I am super protective of my OTK boots.

Kitten heel and block heel boots are perfect versions of the flat ankle boot if you want to add a bit more sophistication and style. They are still easy to walk in but will definitely get you a little more attention. Ps, I secretly am loving that the kitten heel is coming back in style. Do you like them or could leave them? Let me know in the comments!

I also scouted and found cute rainboots as we approach the wet weather season. Before snow, there is always rain… These boots add a bit of flare and personality to the look, which I love. I often use rainboots as snowboots because of their super grip and traction. I don’t even want to mention the number of times I’ve fallen in snow boots (even in really high-end snow boots). To make rainboots a little warmer, I wear wool socks or place pocket warmers under my soles. Just a trick that I picked up along the way!

Boots and Booties for Fall 2017

Have fun shopping these great boots for Fall and Winter! Just click on what you like to see more:

Trend Alert!

A big color story for this season is metallic, especially silver. Boots are a fun and easy way to add the trend into your wardrobe without it being too loud or overwhelming. You can also go with a pink metallic to give the trend a bit of a twist.

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