Best Back To School Fashion, Beauty, & Room Essentials

Best back to school fashion, beauty and dorm essentials

I don’t know why but I love back to school shopping. Even more so when it was for college. All the fun clothes, beauty products, and room essentials. It was fun to pick out new things, new color palettes, and new trends. Eagerly anticipating wearing certain items to different functions like football games and sorority events. Makes the heart patter just thinking about it!

Best Back To School Fashion, Beauty, & Room Essentials

Even though I am not off to college, I still love back to school shopping. Adding new pieces to my wardrobe, beauty routine, and home makes the end of summer a little more bearable. While creating this list, I thought back to what I use often in fall (lots of jeans, boots, and sweaters!) and what I love to have around the home (throw blankets, planners, and coffee travel mugs!). All of these items are practical while at the same time very cute.  For skincare, I love to stock up on hydrating masks, acne fighters, and new body washes. My skin can go crazy with the change of the weather or scenery, hence the hydration and spot fighters!

For makeup, it is always the same five pieces. Foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, and mascara. Light and simple makeup routine was all I needed in college and still to this day. Having my favorites on hand helped cut down on restocking time, especially while I was away. It also allowed for more time spent getting ready for game days or class…

I hope these ideas help you. Swipe through to see all the options. Enjoy back to school shopping and all the excitement around the up coming year!


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Beauty & Skincare

Desk & Room Essentials


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