Beating Blogger’s Writing Block Made Simple

Beating Blogger’s Writing Block Made Simple

Ah, blogging. It’s a truly life-changing experience and one in which every creative individual is able to enjoy their individual journey. However, there’s one issue that’s sure to hit every blogger at one stage or another: writer’s block.

I’d like to think I learned a lot from my early experiences of blogging, and keep growing each week. However, finding ways to beat the block is arguably the most beneficial for any blogger. While you can’t always prevent writer’s block problems arising, my top five tips should help you get back on track at the earliest possible stage.

5 Tips To Beating Blogger’s Writing Block 
  • Set a schedule for your blog posts. As the owner of a blogging platform, there is no real pressure of meeting deadlines, which can encourage you to keep putting things off. Getting into the habit of publishing articles on set days forces you to get through the block. Even if you use a random subject generator or ask a friend to give you a topic, it’s better to write than not write. Maybe, it won’t be your favorite post ever, but ending the rut should be a big enough reward in itself.


  • Focus on gaining the right frame of mind. Removing outside stress is vital, whether it’s taking care of daily tasks or taking 10 minutes to relax with products from Vaporescence. As soon as you start worrying about life issues that aren’t related to writing, a reduction in article quality is inevitable. Aside from actively helping your work, this suggestion to remove stress should boost the work-life balance too. So take a deep breath, let go of things you can’t control, and enjoy the process.

 Beating Blogger’s Writing Block Made Simple

  • Take some time to read posts from your favorite bloggers. Getting involved in the community is hugely beneficial for a whole host of reasons, but the ability to beat writer’s block is easily one of the best. While you don’t want to copy another writer, you may come across one sentence or paragraph that sparks the idea for your next post. Alternatively, there could be an opportunity to produce a joint piece with another creative.


  • Take your blog beyond writing. Everyone knows that a picture paints a thousand words, and a photo post can work wonders. Another option is to create a podcast with the help of Podbean for audio content. These content types, along with videos can breathe new life into the blog platform. The variety makes the whole project more enjoyable while it’s often easier to express your thoughts using these tools. Besides, that break from standard writing can refresh the mind as well.


  • Talk to your readers. A typical business would interact with its customers to gain insight into what they want to see, and your venture should be no different. Conducting surveys or simply speaking to them via social media enables you to ask the questions. If all else fails, you could create a Q&A blog post for a unique piece of content. The audience participation is sure to promote a positive response from the readers. More importantly, it’ll break through the writer’s block in the process.


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