The top 10 basket bags to carry this Summer

This trend has been spotted by bloggers starting all the way back in Summer ’16. Yet, the love for basket bags hasn’t died down one bit. These cute, unique, and fun purses will take your daily look to the next level. The geometric designs and wood material reminds me of summer picnics and beach days. But these beauties are perfect for cityscapes and date nights as well.

Now you can totally get on trend with the favorite Cult Gaia bamboo ark bag. The bag comes in many colors, I recommend the pink acrylic for something a tad different! Or check out few other top basket bags out right now.

The best Basket Bags for summer

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  1. I purchased the Cult Gaia’s bag early this spring and have been wearing it all the time. Straw bags are just such a fun accessory to wear in the spring/summer time.


    Tamara –

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