New York, What’s the Rush?

When I first moved to new york I vividly remember sitting in a Starbucks on the corner of 49th and Madison avenue. It was pouring outside. I sat with my journal and coffee to write, but I was more fascinated by what was going on outside in front of me.

Men and women in business suits rushing in and out of buildings. Some had umbrellas, a few used the morning Times to shield their head from the torrential downpour. All were racing.

Normally I would regard the scene as a side effect of poor weather conditions. But this was a typical scene for New York. Business attired men and women shoving their way down the busy streets.

Where were they going? What was so important? I want to know the emergency!

Nine years later… Not much has changed except the city has become more crowded, faster, and I not only have become immune to the hurrying pace, I have become one of the many in this rat race.

I can now answer the burning question I once had at the age of 20– wide eyes and innocent to it all. The answer of where everyone was rushing to is nowhere. They are running for no good reason, and stressing for no purpose.

Why? Because that is what we are taught to do in this mega-metropolis. It is part of the charm, part of the energy, party of the reason this city never sleeps.

But I do believe that there needs to be a balance. A moment to pause and think hard– why am I in such a hurry? Why am I passing up time to have coffee and journal to attend another event? Is it really that important?

Most often the answer will be no. Many times just asking yourself this question will give you a reason to breathe and be in the present moment before running off to the next event.

It is wonderful to live in the best city in the world, but remember to enjoy it. Take a moment to put the phone away, breathe in that disgusting New York City area that reeks of body odor and dreams, and watch everyone else lose their sh*t for once, and be grateful that isn’t you.

In case that doesn’t work, here are my go-to essentials in restoring sanity in a place of unbalance:

  1. Eat really really green good foods. The greener the better, as it is packed with nutrients that I most likely am lacking. Along those lines, drink a lot more water. Never underestimate the power of treating your body right.
  2. Sleep, nap, relax. It is healing to rest. For me, I can barely function on no sleep. When I am out of balance, it takes about a week of rest to get back on track.
  3. Say no. A packed schedule doesn’t mean you are successful. Nor does it mean you are popular. It just means you packed your schedule with things to do that you most likely do not want to do. Stop doing that!
  4. Breathe. Take a few minutes to just sit still and breathe. Remember it will all be okay. It always works out. Nothing horrible is happening. Give yourself a chance to catch up to reality.
  5. Physical activity. When I lived in LA, I loved starting my day with Yoga and ending the night by walk to the beach to watched the sun set. It was my favorite part of my day. It also meant the end of the work day. Try to incorporate ways to move your body that works for you.

Have you been feeling out of balance? Do you need a reset? Let me know what you do to restore in the comments below!


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