Backstage with Maybelline New York at GDCS: Part 2

I was invited by Maybelline New York to check out the beauty and fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2018 first hand! Last week, I shared backstage beauty looks from the GCDS show during New York Fashion Week. Today I wanted to share the fashion spotted backstage, as well as what it was like leading up to the runway show.

If you are unfamiliar with GCDS, it is an Italian brand whose initials stand for God Can’t Destroy Streetwear. From the name alone, you have a pretty good sense that the collection will be full of unique, eclectic, casual pieces. Streetwear is a personal statement that typically involves wearing normal staples that have a bit of a twist to them. Like extra baggy track pants, or layered upon layered tops.

I know GCDS for their sweatshirts and tees. This line in particular, was over the top fun, colorful and playful. I could have looked at the clothing all day because there were details in everything, from the visors to the heels the models wore. The pastel colors made the looks pop.

Prior to changing to the models first look, there was rehearsal where the models lined up to establish the route. I mentioned in the first part, most models were having hair and makeup done while in line because the team was pressed for time. In fact, fifteen minutes before the show began, the team finally landed the finale of the show. Up to that point, they were still deciding how to close the show with the models and the designer walks. Isn’t that interesting?!

After establishing the route of each model and how to close the show, the models quickly changed to line up again. Last minute makeup, hair, wardrobe touches were done once more in line. You would think it would have been a disaster, but the whole crew made it a very calming chaos.

It was also amazing to see an equality backstage. There were elite models and then there were models who never walked a runway until that day. Yet you would have never known the difference. Everyone, including Teyana Taylor, really kept it professional and equal across the boards and were supportive of one another.

I was impressed the most to see Teyana Taylor. She came on time, checked in where everyone else checked in, was in the zone, didn’t complain once, and then absolutely KILLED IT on the catwalk. She came to work, and that is exactly what she did. I really look up to women like that.

In the comments, let me know what you think of the line! I personally can’t wait for a few of those jackets and sweatpants.

Teyana Taylor in line for rehearsals at the GCDS show
Teyana Taylor in line for rehearsals at the GCDS show
Designer of GCDS and Teyana Taylor discussing how to close the show
Designer of GCDS and Teyana Taylor discussing how to close the show

backstage at GCDS Backstage with Maybelline New York Backstage at GCDS during NYFW

Minutes before the show began:

GCDS Spring Summer 2018 Backstage at the GCDS runway show GCDS Backpacks ss 2018Spring Summer 2018 GCDS Backstage at GCDS 2018

Watching The Finale Backstage

Can’t wait for Spring or Summer? Shop their current season:



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