Backstage at GCDS with Maybelline New York Part 1

Backstage at GCDS with Maybelline New York Model: Victoria Germyn

During New York Fashion Week, I had the honor to go backstage during the GCDS show with Maybelline New York. Backstage is a completely different experience than being front of house. It opened my eyes to what actually occurs minutes leading up to the show. If you want to see what happens backstage with Maybelline New York, keep reading!

September 8th and 8:30 am, I checked into Skylight Clarkson Square, Gallery 3 backstage. I was invited by Maybelline New York to see the beauty preparations for the GCDS show; a designer and brand that I have been following for the past year. I have copious images and content from the two and a half hours I was there that I decided to split this article into two sections. The first part is all about the makeup and beauty trends that were used for the show. The second part is the clothing and new designs by GCDS, and how the makeup worked together.

To begin, there were several familiar faces that sat in the makeup chairs. I have seen these models in campaigns before, to be seeing them in real life was incredible. Maybelline New York supplied all the beauty products, and had their team there to create the looks for the runway. The makeup concept was created by artist Grace Lee.

There were two very distinct eye trends occurring. One was the teal shimmer eyeshadow that made me want to immediately invest in that shade. The other was a very neutral lid with a white arched line. The face was left very natural with a beautiful highlighter and a glossy lip using cult favorite Baby Lips Balm. No deep contouring or dramatic blush. I loved that they kept is very clean yet played up the eye makeup. I can see how this could easily translate into an everyday look. Also, glossy lips are back y’all! Thank you makeup lords.

The hair was purposefully messy, another trend that I saw at several runway shows this season. It is a mix of a little bit of grunge and bedhead. I hope this trend takes off because that would easily save me an hour every morning. Mousse was used in the models’ hair to give it texture and hold.

The nails that were used on every model were nude, long, pointy acrylics. They looked like daggers but softer because of the nude color. Overall, the beauty for GCDS was natural, yet incorporated playful touches. It was a great mix of relatability and fantasy. Every portion is achievable, which I find fun.

So who was there?

The big names backstage at GCDS show were:

  • Giuliano Calza, Designer of GCDS
  • Teyana Taylor- Model & Artist (I’ll speak more about in the next portion)
  • Nigel Stanislaus- Makeup Director, aka “Mr. Maybelline”
  • Grace Lee- Lead Makeup Artist for Maybelline NY
  • Nay Chi Oo- Makeup Artist
  • Fiona Lee-  Makeup Artists
  • Sonya Watson- Makeup Artists
  • Jazzelle aka Ugly World Wide- Model
  • Sasha Kichigina- Model
  • Maria Clara – Model
  • Victoria Germyn- Model
  • HyunJi Shin- Model
  • Marine Deleeuw- Model
  • Michi Delane- Model
  • Isabella Emmack- Model
  • Julia Fajardo- Model
  • Kylie Vonnahme- Model
  • Sean Levyy- Model
  • Selena Johnson -Model
  • Shanelle Nyasiase- Model
  • Nova Orchid- Model
  • Phoenix Anderson- Model
Images From Backstage – Beauty

What was interesting was to see how much of the beauty prep occurred in line for rehearsals and leading up to the actual show. Nails were glued, lotion was applied, hair was styled or retouched, and makeup touch-ups were applied minutes before hitting the runway. I was so impressed how cool, calm, and collected the whole team remained.

Maybelline New York backstage at GCDS NYFW

Nigel Stanislaus backstage at GCDS with Maybelline New York| Julia Fajardo| Teal eyeshadow
Nigel Stanislaus applying makeup on Isabella Emmack, Front is model Julia Fajardo
Victoria Germyn Maybelline New York backstage at GCDS NYFW
Backstage with Maybelline NY at GCDS Fashion Show with Model Victoria Germyn
Nay Chi Oo applying Maybelline New York Fairy Highlighter backstage at GCDS
Nay Chi Oo applying “Fairy Highlighter” by Maybelline New York
Lauren Layne backstage at GCDS
Lauren Layne showcasing Maybelline New York “Teal the Deal” eyeshadow and “Lash Sensational” mascara
Maybelline New York backstage at GCDS NYFW
Lauren Layne backstage

Maybelline New York backstage at GCDS NYFW

Teyana Taylor at GCDS backstage with GCDS designer, Giuliano Calza
Teyana Taylor last minute touches before hitting the runway in her infamous walk. GCDS designer, Giuliano Calza applying touches to model in front.
Maybelline New York backstage at GCDS NYFW
Last minute touches before heading down the runway. This was minutes before the show began.
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