Are These Fears Holding You Back From Your Dream Career?

Fears Holding You Back


Are you stuck on the bottom rung of the career ladder? Are you stuck in a job that you hate? Many of us are, but the question we have to ask ourselves is this…Don’t we only have ourselves to blame?

While we could point the fingers at others, we may be self-sabotaging. Our fears could be holding us back, and that is why we are still where we are, and not where we have always wanted to be.

Let’s have a look at some of the fears that may be holding you back.

The fear of the unknown

You may be in a job or position that holds no meaning to you, but at least you’re comfortable in your routine. A career change will mean meeting new people, taking on new responsibilities, and a life outside of your comfort zone.

Overcome your fear: If you want something you have never had before, you have to do something you have never done before. It might be a leap of faith, but if you don’t do it, you will never get anywhere. If you are serious about moving away from where you are now, it might be worth the risk, especially if what you are moving into holds an appeal. Check out our confidence tips for a new job, and then research the company or position you might be considering so you can learn as much as you can before taking the plunge.

The fear of going back to school

You may need extra training or qualifications to progress into something new, but if you are worried about going back to the school environment, then your fears are limiting your chances.

Overcome your fear: Why are you afraid? Is it because of the financial cost? You may be eligible for financial aid, or you may be able to pay in installments. Are you afraid of the hard work involved? There will be help available to you, from your tutor, as well as study groups. Are you worried you won’t have the time? Courses such as this rn to bsn programs online are flexible and can be taken at home, so if you have a busy life, you might still be able to fit something in. There will be workarounds for most of your education fears, so don’t let them put you off enhancing your career.

The fear of being judged

There are always going to be naysayers in your life. There will be people at work, jealous of you for wanting to move higher or into a new job. There will be family and friends who might question your decision and/or ability to change. There will be those people who will think that you are crazy for wanting to follow a particular passion. People always like to have an opinion, whether you agree with them or not.

Overcome your fear: THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!! Don’t let other people limit your options, especially if they don’t have any valid points to make. If you are sure of the path you are taking, then go for it. Look for like-minded individuals who will support you, and tell the naysayers (as kindly as possible) where they can stick their negative opinions. As we said, they are probably only jealous of you, as they may be frustrated at the dead-end positions that they are in.

Final word

We all have fears, but if we want something badly enough, we need to find ways to conquer them. Your dream job may be right over the horizon, so consider what you need to do to get it, and then find ways to overcome whatever fears may be holding you back at the moment. You might only regret it, otherwise.


  1. Yes! I can totally relate to this especially when I was thinking about leaving my job at one point. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! ♥

    PerlaGiselle |

    Say hello and let’s follow each other ❤

  2. This is such a nice read dear. I think we all go through these fear at some point in our lives, especially the fear of being judged. And yes, it’s definitely one of the factors that holds most people back from pursuing and living their dreams.

    Jessica |

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