Adulting Is Rough But I Rather Learn Now

Adulting can be rough

I am writing this while laying on my hardwood floors drinking my second cup of coffee after spending two hours doing accounting and the morning deep cleaning the apartment. Looking through other drafted articles I had ready to go for this Friday, I realized let’s just begin with where I am today… Adulting is tough, man, but I rather learn that now.

I think the hardest part of growing up is learning how to do things, brand new things, on our own. New experiences can be scary. Often we don’t know how to do these new things (like interviews or filing taxes). We often don’t know if we are doing them right, or what will happen in the end. Sometimes we make mistakes and have to start again, other times we realize it’s not as difficult as it seems. I have come to realize that latter point to be true.

Life is rather simple, it is just emotionally charging that makes is tough. We add extra pressure to be perfect, to do perfect, to be the best, to do the best. We intuitively do not like change. It means growth outside of our comfort zone, and feeling a bit awkward. When in reality, all we have to do is go for it. Stop thinking about it, stop dwelling on it, just do that thing that you are facing. It may be brand new like filing for divorce from a spouse that isn’t right for you, or it could be as mundane as changing light bulbs. I wish there was a way to take the emotions out of it. It would make moving, job interviews, breakups, and the majority of the work that much easier.

I know some women who are older than me that are now just learning how to do things on their own. And I get that! Everyone has a different time table to learn life. But if you have the option of learning now or learning later, I would choose now! Tackling one large obstacle turns into tackling a second large obstacle. Chances are, you’ll be in a better position in life by facing the new adult situations head on than postponing them. It also creates a sense of confidence, independence, and self-esteem.

Whenever I do something brand new and very adult like, I instantly feel better about myself. My shoulders are pulled back, my head is held high, like heck yeah, I just did that! I go into the next scenario feeling more capable, assure of myself and confident I can handle it too.

It does become exhausting to do new things, and I make sure I rest and recoup. I reward myself for being a strong woman. I also allow myself to go back into hibernation from time to time to relax. I think that’s necessary to tackle the rest of what life throws at you with a sane and stable mindset.

Let me know in the comments what adult or life things you are facing and need to meet head on. We can inspire each other and together move through the big changes! Let’s motivate each other to become strong, confident, women.


Photo by Freddy Castro


  1. I moved to my own apartment when I was 15, so it was really hard to become an adult at that time. I was so young, but I think that it went really well. All the cleaning, paying bills, and just simple things. They were so hard at the beginning but now I’m like a master of those. So, as I needed to start adulting so young, I love seeing and helping people now it everything now.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner | Instagram

    1. Wow Heidi! That is incredible. What a young start to adulthood, thank you for sharing. I know you have incredible knowledge and insight that will help so many. What a brave, courageous person you are. Xo, Ellese

  2. I agree with your article. It seems to be the emotion that becomes the biggest problem. If only I could take emotions out of it! Seems like I waste as much on changing a lightbulb is I do changing CPAs!

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