How To Add Volume To Your Hair

How To Add Volume To Your Hair

Not having enough volume can be a beauty problem for many. It can be a big hassel for people with fine hair, while those with thicker hair can suffer from flat hair too. Want to know the secrets of big, beautiful hair? Check out these great tips on how to add volume to your hair for Instagram-worthy styles every time.

Use the right styling products

One of the reasons your hair is looking a bit flat and lifeless could be your hair care routine. Some shampoos and conditioners, especially nourishing ones, have a habit of weighing hair down. Next time you’re shopping for products, look for some that are designed to add volume. These types of products will help to thicken the appearance of your hair, as well as making it easier to style. Invest in a good blow dry cream too to help keep your hairstyle locked in place and to make it easier to generate that must-have volume from your hairdryer.

Learn to blow dry at home

Ever wish you could achieve that gorgeous salon blow dry at home? It’s actually easier than you think. Investing in the right brush and learning blow dry techniques online will help you to create volume for a beautiful bouncy blow dry. If you’re in a hurry, a classic volume-boosting trick is to dry your hair upside down, flipping your head back for perfect volume. If you struggle to dry your hair effectively, you might want to think about getting a haircut that’s easier to style and manage.

Add extensions

While Instagram and Pinterest are full of lust-worthy hairstyles, you can bet that a lot of it has been achieved with the help of hair extensions. Hair extensions are an easy way to add volume and thickness to your hair, and clip ins are so easy to apply that you can create the perfect hairdo in minutes. Don’t rely on them all the time, as prolonged use could thin your hair even more, but it’s nice to add a bit of glamour now and then.

How To Add Volume To Your Hair

Wear different hairstyles

There are plenty of hairstyles that can make your hair look fuller and thicker, so perhaps it’s time to break out of your styling comfort zone. Try experimenting with hairstyles that match your neckline and different updos that can create the illusion of thickness. You don’t always have to wear your hair down to create thicker-looking styles.

Try hair treatments

There are many different treatments available to help tackle fine hair. From deep conditioning salon treatments to a keratin blow dry, there are a lot of things you can do if you’re looking for a longer-term solution to your problem. If your hair is thinning to the point where your confidence is affected, you might want to look into a more effective hair loss solution at a specialist clinic. Make sure you take some hair-friendly vitamins to help promote hair growth and keep it looking strong and healthy.

The quest for more volume is a struggle for many, but a few changes to your regular routine could help you achieve perfect volume that you can’t help but smile about. Give these top volume-boosting tips a try and see the difference they could make to your hair.

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