Acing Events: Soiree Survival Tips & How To’s

soiree survival tips

Event planning can be a complete dream to some and an absolute nightmare to others. Whether it’s something you regularly do or not, you have to learn to make it work for you. Because everyone from the social butterflies to the socially awkward will have events to celebrate at key points in their life. From weddings and birthdays to anniversaries and parties just because, when you’re trying to put on an event of a lifetime, a whole lot of stress can come your way. But it doesn’t have to; you just need to know how to master it. So if you’re pulling together an extravagant soiree anything soon, here’s how to survive it.

Set A Theme

Survival tactic number one is to always have a theme. When you’re trying to plan, you’re not always going to know if the things you’re pulling together will work. But when you choose to work with a theme, you’ve got a much easier chance of things coming together. The theme sort of unifies everything, and ensures that anything you pick out – from food, to decorations, to entertainment, is all on the same page. Plus, themes can be a lot of fun to work on too. And the more fun there is, the less stress there’s likely to be.

Time It Well

Timing can always be an issue. You’re going to get clashes with events and different calendars no matter what you do. But, if you want the best chances of having as many people attend as possible, and to enjoy the day, time it well. This means you need to not only check the dates that people can do, but also ensure that you’re picking the perfect time of year to suit your occasion. This can be especially important if you’re reliant on the weather.

Order Early

With a theme in place and dates arranged, you then need to set everything in stone. And that means ordering and sending out your event invites. While you’re doing so, and picking the right invite, be sure to consider your thank you notes from somewhere such as That way, you can ensure that your stationery is completely coordinated and is organized well ahead of time.

Have Backups

You should also recognize that things can go wrong. And if they do, you’re going to want backups in place too. Should anything go wrong, from the caterer canceling to the venue experiencing an issue, you will be glad you have them. Then, you have a fallback should you need to call on.

Take Some Time

And finally, with all of your preparations underway, you’re also going to want to try chilling out a little. Whether you’re planning your wedding or a special birthday, you need to relax. These tips from Greatist can help if you’re not sure how. But in general, allowing yourself to take some time out and kick back before the big day will help you to actually enjoy it and not feel too stressed out when the time comes around.


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