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Rock. Paper. Glam. is a women’s lifestyle blog geared towards sharing the latest trends in fashion, beauty, wellness, home decor, and travel. It’s our goal to cover all the bases for living an exceptional life. We mix luxury with adventure, obtainable with aspirational, and we’re never afraid of trying what’s on the cutting edge. Our reviews are honest and straightforward so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Ultimately, our main mission is to be a place (a special haven) for women to come and learn. Hopefully our personal stories will show that you are not alone in whatever you may be facing. That our style advice will breathe new life in the way you dress and feel about your body. That our makeup ideas and reviews will provide informative tips on looking and feeling your best. We want women to know they are freaking powerful and sensational, and provide the tools they may need to live the absolute dream life.

Our founder, Ellese Launer, decided to create Rock. Paper. Glam. as a passion project. She had gone through many life altering instances but found power through clothes, beauty, wellness practices, and traveling the world. On two separate occasions, Ellese built her life up from scratch, started completely over and realized how significant it is to have a group of supportive women around. Now, she feels it is her turn to give back everything that was given to her. The motivation for Rock. Paper. Glam. comes from Ellese’s ability to experience a life beyond anyone’s expectations, including her own. She ultimately wants to share with women around the world that if she can create a life like this, then so can you and here is how.

About ellese launer about rock. paper. glam.

Out motto is: All things are possible, and way more fun with a touch of glamour, impromptu dance parties, face masks, and a BFF who will tell you how it is.

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