A Real Life Ghost Story

So you want to hear something spooky? A real life ghost story to set the mood for Halloween? Well unfortunately for me, and luckily for you, I have a pretty juicy one.

It all takes place in a familiar town of Barcelona, Spain. My friend and I had been dreaming of a European getaway, and Barcelona happened to call both of our names. I had never been to Spain before but lusted after their delicious tapas, and dreamt of afternoon siestas. The culture, architecture, and food encaptivated me. I was dead set on visiting.

When the moment came to book our tickets to Barcelona and find a place to stay, I was flooded with emotions of excitement and disbelief. I cannot believe I am finally going to visit the majestic city! Sorting through a list of Airbnb apartments to rent, my friend and I chose a two bedroom flat that was steps away from the Sagrada Familia. We turn to each other and exclaimed, I can’t believe this is happening!

Little did we know what we signed up for.

Sagrada Familia
Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, steps away from our apartment. It has taken then 133 years to build this church and it still isn’t done.

Barcelona church

Paella from Barcelona

View from our apartment
View from our apartment

The day finally arrived! We were traveling to Barcelona and our cozy Airbnb apartment. However, unlike the first part of our trip to Copenhagen and Paris, this day seemed different. We had the hardest time tracking down which train we needed to get to the heart of Barcelona. We went the wrong direction, then took another train in the opposite direction, and still were nowhere closer to where we needed to be. Upon one of those trains, a woman from Austria sat down next to me. I overheard her speaking English and asked a question about the map. She was so delighted that I was from New York City that the rest of our short train ride was her talking about her desire to visit. We all got off at the same stop. The Austrian woman turned to us and said, “I am a witch! I want to bless you both on your journey through Barcelona.” Caught off guard I just smiled and said thank you. What do you say in a situation like this?

She gave both of us a hug and a blessing of protection before leaving. I immediately made sure I still had my wallet and id’s. I am a New Yorker, by default I am skeptical of everything and everyone. When I realized it was out of pure goodness, I decided maybe her blessing is a good thing after a long day in a foreign city.

The stop turned out to not be the right one. We ended up taking one more train and walking about a mile with our luggage. Up to this point of our trip, we didn’t get lost once. Nor did we get lost any other time after. I a pro when it comes to direction, and I found it very peculiar as to why it was so hard to find this apartment.

About four hours later we finally made it to a building that looked like it has seen a century worth of history. It was old, and had only one balcony under one window and that was all. “This is it,” I buzzed up to the Airbnb host who was waiting for our arrival. He was a single gentlemen in his late forties. He welcomed us into his flat with kindness and full of excitement.

He explain the city, gave us maps, and made sure we had all the essentials before leaving. Frankly, my friend and I were too exhausted from our excursion to really noticed the eeriness of the place. We somehow missed the peeling paint in the dark hallways downstairs, of the elevator with the flickering light bulb. We were too tired to notice how the apartment layout resembled a series of small classrooms with a long dreary hallway to attach the rooms.We were just thankful to had finally made it and for the man’s kindness.

Once our host left,  my friend and I decided to grab dinner from around the corner. We were hungry, tired, and not up for another adventure. We brought the food back to our new place and sat to eat at the table. The sun had gone down, and the apartment was dark except for the little light above the table.

We decided to look up activities for the next day while having dinner. Might as well kill two birds with one stone! Especially since the likelihood of us being awake for much longer was slim to none.

I had forgotten my laptop in the room and went to get it from my bag. When I opened up my door and turned on the light, I saw my reflection staring back at me. I jumped from complete shock. There was a full-length mirror on the side of the bed that faced the door. Except I am pretty certain it was flat against the wall when I left initially. I went over to take a look. I noticed that the mirror was on hinges. I pushed it flat against the wall and heard it snap into place. I must have somehow knocked it when I was placing my luggage in the room.

I grabbed my laptop, turned off the light, and closed the door. After dinner, I decided to take a shower before going to bed. It had been a long, tiring, sweaty day of travel. It felt nice to rinse off the dirt from walking around Barcelona. When I went back into my room, I flipped the lights back on. The mirror had turned to it side again, staring straight at me. I slowly walked into the room. This time I noticed the how thick and heavy the air felt.  Much different from other parts of the house. I went to the mirror and pressed it against the wall again, listening as it snapped back into place. “This is weird,” I thought. There is no windows open or drafts from outside.

I pulled down the sheets and yelled goodnight to my friend. Maybe I just need some sleep. But I couldn’t sleep. I kept hearing screams and yelling coming from the courtyard that my room overlooked. When I looked outside, no lights were on or sign of where the noise could be coming from.

I tossed and turned for hours. I figured maybe if I drink some water that would help. I opened my door and walked down the long hallway and noticed that the bathroom light was on. I cracked the door open slowly, not sure what to expect. I specifically remembered turning off the light before my friend and I went to bed. I know she hasn’t used the bathroom since then because I would have heard her get up. This is starting to get bizarre.

I splashed some water on my face and rubbed my eyes. I must be jetlagged and forgetting things. Heading back to my room, I felt a strange energy behind me. I quickly got back to my room and turned on my light. When the light fluttered on, there staring directly at me was…

Want to find out how this story ends, check back Wednesday! I will also be sharing the alarming email I received from Airbnb regarding the apartment I stayed at. Feel free to subscribe to stay tuned!


  1. I wonder why your mirror kept coming off the hinges?! That would have definitely freaked me out too, though I’m sure there’s a simple explanation for it… I’m looking forward to reading the conclusion to this post on Wednesday 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

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