A Night with Elle and Abercrombie

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I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be writing about a brand I boycotted in fifth grade. I had extreme detest for a certain clothing company that promoted their merchandise with half naked models. I vividly remember the rest of my class excitedly adorning their newest and latest from Abercrombie & Fitch. But not me. At ten years old I made certain to not even step foot in their doors.

So when I received the confirmation from Elle Magazine that I’ll be attending the Fall 16′ preview of the line I had once much despised, I laughed. Oh, how the times have changed.

And so much had changed. I nearly fell over when I walked through the gigantic windowed doors on fifth avenue, their flagship store. The place closed early for the private event with Elle, and two fully clothed, ethnically diverse models were waiting to greet attendees.

Once inside, immediately I noticed that the place was brighter and I could actually see where I was walking. I wasn’t hit with an overwhelming waft of their signature scent. In fact, it was very light, and I finally smelled the beauty of the fragrance for the first time.

Several happy faces greeted me and earnestly wanted to make sure I felt comfortable and welcomed. One even walked me to the steps while explaining the layout of the event (and the bonus of receiving a free pair of their new skinny jeans). I reached out to steady my stance. Is this the same store that had employees try to make you feel intimidated by their beautifully elite club?

I climbed three sets of stairs to the main floor where a stunning display of champagne and sparkling water awaited guests. I gorged on the soda water because it was stifling outside. Beautiful bouquets of flowers were perfectly placed throughout the floor, which made the place very Instagramable. Well played,  Abercrombie &Fitch, well played. The blogger from Trop Rouge, Christina Caradona was there to show her favorite picks for Fall.

I roamed the  floor to view the line. I picked up a few tops and the skinny jeans/leggings that were complimentary. Ps, those skinny jeans are made from recycled plastic bottles! Holy cow, not in my wildest dreams would I imagine that Abercrombie & Fitch would have sustainable goods! Everything fit beautifully, much better than I had ever expected.

With a facelift, re-branding, and new marketing Abercrombie & Fitch are light years away from how I formally remembered it. They finally incorporated the color black into their line, there aren’t half naked men and women plastered to their bags and walls. Friendly smiling faces were there to make you feel welcomed. I could really get used to this new Abercrombie. Plus I really love their line of button down shirts and jeans. More photos of those to come!

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What I purchased:

Women’s Poplin Necktie Button Down

Oxford Button-Up Shirt

Knot Bangle in Gold

Skinny Jean Leggings in Black (Gratis)


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