A Haunted House in Barcelona Pt. 2

So, you’re brave enough to return. Hadn’t my real life ghost story freaked you out enough? Or are you dying to know what happened next?

Let’s see, where did I leave you? Ah yes, I was walking back from the bathroom after discovering the light was on. Something I knew for certain I turned off before going to bed. I am one of those people who needs it completely dark in order to sleep.

While heading down the long corridor to my room, I felt a strong energy following me. It drew closer and closer to the point that my neck started to tingle. Too afraid to turn around to see what it might be, I scurried to my room and flipped on the light. As the bulb flickered on, I saw my reflection greeting me at the doorway. The mirror somehow unhooking itself from the original position and turn 45 degrees away from the wall. “How does this keep happening?” I whispered to myself.

The one thought that came to mind was what my boyfriend had once told me. In his culture, Jamaicans never bought used or old mirrors because it is believed that souls could remain trapped inside.

“Fantastic, I am so glad I have that thought crossing my mind right now,” as I climbed back into bed. I kept the light on for awhile longer, hoping to calm myself down enough to eventually fall asleep. I watched as the hours passed on the clock beside me. Two am, three am, eventually four in the morning I figured maybe I could finally rest. It was after the bewitching hour and nothing else had moved.

I turned off the light, and within minutes fell asleep. That was my greatest mistake.

[The next part is slightly disturbing and not appropriate for children, read at your own risk]

I fell into a deep sleep, during which I had a vivid dream. I stood near an establishment that seemed to be part school and part church. Children, parents, and familiar faces were dancing all around on a green lawn. There was a cascading gothic tower in the near distance. Everyone was celebrating and seemed to be happy.

Out of the crowd, a man who wore tattered overalls and had a look of desperation on his face, raged towards me. I panicked. I somehow knew him.

When he got closer he said “Please, I beg you. You cannot fire me. I need this job. I need this job.” I noticed white strokes on his jeans. He’s the painter for this establishment, and I must be partly in charge.

I shrugged and heard myself say, “there is nothing I can do.”

As I said those words I watched him stand up and angrily stammered, ” If I can’t work, if I don’t have a job, then I’m going to commit suicide,” and forcibly bolted through the crowd.

Heartbroken, I began yelling “Stop, Stop. Don’t do that!” As I began chasing after him I heard someone call my name.

“Ellese,” startled, I turned to see who knew me. I saw a tall clergyman cloaked in his traditional garb yelling. “We need you, there is a girl that needs help.”

Torn as to which was to go, I decided to follow the clergyman who seemed to be in charge. As we approach this large dark room with rows of empty beds, I slowed my pace. Something didn’t feel right. I took a couple of steps forward to turn the corner. There I saw laying on the ground a young girl who had her legs broken at the knees. I knew she was alive but I didn’t want to see more.

The man who knew my name and acted like a figure on the church was standing over her body. But his whole phsyic changed. His eyes became vicious and his voice more sinister. He said, “Look at what we were able to do in an hour, imagine what we can do together…”

That is when I stared him straight in the eyes and yelled as loud as I could “YOU B@$%@!D.”  A phrase I never use, a word I never say.

At that precise moment, I saw his face shrink backward and I jolted awake. As I woke up I felt this huge energy force leaving my body. I never believed in dark energy, but this was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

For a few minutes paralyzed out of fear, I stayed stationary trembling on the inside. Every hair on my body stood on end. I looked around the dark room, panicked and disturbed. I repeated to myself that I am okay, I am safe, it was just a dream. I bravely reach my hand out for the lamp switch and let the light slowly fill the room. Nothing was there, nothing else had moved.

I looked at the clock, it was only six in the morning. I felt my body shaking from exhaustion and that odd feeling of having something leave me. I replayed everything in my head, trying to figure out what it meant.

Around 7:30, I heard my friend as she walked down the hall. I called her and told the whole story, praying she didn’t think I was crazy.

“No, I believe you! I felt some strange energy last night when I was alone. Maybe someone did commit suicide her and needs help. Let me text my brother to see what to do. He knows certain prayers to help the souls who are stuck.”

I nodded my head, thinking we need something if I am going to stay here again tonight.

She received a list of prayers, and we went room to room and read them off her iPhone. I pushed the mirror back into place and I turned to my friend and thought, this isn’t exactly what I imagine we’d be doing in Barcelona. After breakfast, I check the mirror in my room and it hadn’t moved! Maybe the prayers actually worked.

In the hopes of reviving the day, we left the apartment and took a tour bus around the whole city. I sat on the upper deck in the shade and watched the beautiful city pass by. I was pleasantly happy not having to move while listening to the history of the city. It made me forget all about last night and the apartment. Well, until dinner…

Come back at noon for the final cut!

Here are some photos from our Bus tour. At least Barcelona is gorgeous!


Barcelona Gaudi Architecture

Barcelona city view

Design inspiration Barcelona

Barcelona Architecture

Palm trees in Barcelona


  1. Beautifully written despite the horrific events. You’re so brave for writing this! I’m just glad we made it through…that was certainly one of the creepiest moments I’ve experienced.

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