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Recently I received a text from my friend asking for a list of my favorite natural, healthy products. Finally hitting her, as well as many others, the importance of being aware of what we place on our skin and in our bodies. Unfortunately for us, our government has yet to take actions to keep us safe, read all about it in Let’s Talk Natural Beauty. Until then we are forced to figure out what science is placing into our daily beauty regimens.

To help, here are products that I use and have check with EWG’s Skin Deep Database. Also, the Shop will always newly added natural products and where to buy them. So feel free to check back as often as you like to see what is in!

If you are looking to see how your current products are rated, you can use the databases listed under tools. I suggest anything rate 0-3 as safe; 4,5 are warnings; 6-10 stop using immediately.

TIP: NOT ALL PRODUCTS FROM THE SAME COMPANY ARE SAFE! For instance lip balm from EOS is rated a 1, but their hand cream is a 9. Each one includes different ingredients, check before buying.

If you use any natural products, link them below!


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