A Classic New York Summer Night

A Classic New York Summer Night

Coming back to America after traveling around the world, was nothing less than a shock to the system. I learned so much, grew as a person, and changed while I was away. One thing that ignited in my persona is the desire to endlessly explore.

While away, I gained a new found appreciation for New York City. After visiting 7 countries and 12 cities abroad, there is no place like New York. It is the melting pot of so many types of people and cultures. There is so much going on at all times of the day and night. There are a variety of neighborhoods packed with culture and sightseeing. It’s impossible to go hungry with all the delicious food options.

These are things I began to take for granted living here for nearly 11 years. I became accustom to walking through Time Square when I pleased, or sit down on the steps of Union Square and watch the show of people around me. Come back, and having it all at my fingertips again, I took full advantage.

I called up each loved one I knew to go on an adventure with me, for a classic New York summer night. Exploring the new Long Island City Park, roaming through the new South Street Seaport in the rain, and discovering nooks and crannies of the financial district. With each person I was with, we turned to one another and said, “Of all the years of living here, I never knew this even existed!”

A Classic New York Summer Night A Classic New York Summer Night A Classic New York Summer Night

Are there areas in your town or city that you’ve never checked out before? Let me know in the comments below!

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