A Cheaper and Easier Way To Discover The World And Travel More

Discover AirWander and how to get the most out of traveling

If you are like me and are a wanderer by nature, keep reading! I love to pack in as much as possible when I have time off. I recently discovered a way to not only book flights easier, but also find a free stopover in a country nearby. Basically, two vacations in one!

All you need to know is air wander. It is a new site that takes care of all the logistics for you. They take advantage of an advance algorithm that finds free stopovers in countries you might desire to see nearby. To clarify, a stopover is very different than a layover. A layover is often a short few hours where you spend the majority of the time roaming the airport. Whereas a stopover is often 24 hours or more at a destination. Making it a perfect way to see an additional location while traveling.

How it works

First choose the number of travelers and what class you’re looking to buy a ticket for. Then fill out the departure location and date, followed by the destination you are looking to fly into. Once those ares completed, click on the stopover tab. At this point you will see a list of possible stopover locations and the option to choose how many days you’d like to spend there. You can even have a stopover on the way back home as well if you wish.

You’ll quickly see that roundtrips are significantly cheaper even with the stopover in another city! You’ll be guided as to where to book the flights in order to get the best deals. You can even book hotels for your trip!

Why See More?

If you have a week off to travel, often a day or two in a neighboring town will still leave you plenty of time to explore the original destination. It adds another level of adventure to each trip as well. The other added benefit is that it breaks up long flight days to more manageable travel days.

See why I love to travel here. Is this something you’d be interested in exploring? Let me know in the comments below!


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