Where to Shop All Your Favorite 90s Gear in NYC

I am a 90s kid, so this particular event, the launch of 90s Forever pop-up shop really spoke to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was my first time at one of Spark Pretty’s pop-up stores. All I knew was, it is located on my favorite street in the East Village and 90s clothing were involved.

I arrived at 333 East 9th street and saw an explosion of color, toys I grew up on, and clothes I wore 20 years ago. I was in love. Insert heart eye emoji here!

The two founders of Spark Pretty greeted guests in matching early 90s outfits. There were old school candies, like ring pops and foot long bubble gum, in glass bowls for us to enjoy. Neon colored bean bags and blow up chairs in the back transformed the space into my childhood. I ran into a fellow blogger, and she even commented, “this feels like being at a friend’s house eating candy back in the day!”

It was the clothing that completely stopped the show for me. From the moment I stepped inside the 90s Forever pop-up shop, my eyes when straight to the custom denim jackets hanging from the ceiling. They were hand painted, studded, and detail to perfection. I found one denim jacket with a Hollywood, California theme that I didn’t want to take off. It was an extra large custom denim jacket that fit so perfectly.

Everything in the shop just filled me with joy and took me back to when I was a kid. There is a range of items, from $2 slap-on bracelets to $275 for custom denim jackets. Of course, there are some insanely detailed and gorgeous pieces that go for over $1k. They are one of a kind masterpieces you won’t find anywhere else.

The 90s forever pop-up shop is only for the month of May! If you are in New York City,  go check it out! You will be reminiscing for days. Plus there are some gorgeous pieces you’ll want to grab for your closet.



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