7 Simple To Create Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Simple to Create Halloween Costumes 2017

Happy Friday the 13th! For this spooky day, I thought why not dive into some easy to create Halloween costume ideas. I am on the fence with this holiday. Some years I love it, other years I could do without it. Apparently this year I am more into the idea of dressing up and celebrating. My biggest issue every year is what can I easily create using items I can reuse or wear again. I hate spending tons of money on a costume that eventually gets donated or tossed out. I came up with a list of 7 ideas that use household items, wardrobe essentials, and affordable accessories to complete the look.

Popular Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

1) Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino: take a green apron, black pants, and white button down. Throw on a multicolored wig and unicorn horn to create the look. Carry your favorite Starbucks mug or tumbler with you for little more fun!

2) Bat Woman: Take the velvet one shoulder winged bodysuit and add a black leather mini skirt and mask. If you really want, you can add this bat clip in your hair to bring home the look. That bodysuit and mini skirt I would wear over and over again.

3) Rihanna At the Met Gala: take a nude bodycon dress and cut out circles from construction paper. To create a boxy figure around your hips like Rihanna’s dress, take a box and cut a circle to place around your waist. Do as many multi-colored circles as you can until you get the desired effect. If you have fabric scraps, use that as well. For the shoes, wear red heels and take red string to lace up your legs. Red knee high boots work as well.

4) Versace Supermodels: ICYMI Versace this year brought back the original supermodels and they killed it on the runway. To recreate the look, grab five girlfriends and wear gold maxi dresses. I found this perfect gold dress for under $30.

5) Total Lunar Eclipse: dust off those glasses you bought for the eclipse and wear all black. If you want, outline the edges of your figure with white chalk to make it look like the sun from behind. Wear silver or white heels if you have a pair!

6) Wayne and Garth From Wayne’s World: since rock tees are super popular right now, this costume is easy to recreate. Grab a best friend and both wear distress boyfriend jeans. One wears a black tee and a Wayne’s World hat. The other wears a rock n roll tee, black framed glasses, and blue plaid shirt. All pieces easy to use again!

Halloween Themed Outfit

Maybe you are a teacher or you are invited to a Halloween party yet don’t feel like getting dressed up. I have a solution. I found this super cute spider bodysuit that can be worn under a skirt of jeans and heels. It is only $10! You can pair the look with these adorable spider web tights for a full look.

What You Need For Each Look

Shop what outfit you like below:

Are you celebrating Halloween? Let me know in the comments what your costume will be this year!

Photo by Toa Heftiba


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