5 Ways to Stay Warm But Fashionable This Winter

Fashionable This Winter

The weather outside may be chilly, but who says that it means you can’t look at your best? While we might not be quite as social and active as we are during spring and summer, with Christmas and New Years coming up, there is going to be a lot of opportunities to get outside and show the world just how much style we really have. There’s a problem, however: the darn cold is here, and looks like it’s going to be around for awhile. Below, we take a look at five ways you can make sure you’re kept warm and looking your best while you wait for spring to arrive.

Utilize The Base Layer

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to wear whatever you wanted on the outside, and still be kept toasty and warm? You don’t necessarily need to have thick outer layers on. Or, at least you don’t if you make sure you have adequate base layers on hand to keep you warm! Invest in those warming undergarments, and you’ll have the first layer of defence against the biting chill. People will wonder how you’re able to stay warm. Do you tell them? That’s up to you….

Socks And Boots

If there’s anything that says you can look great even when the weather is cold, it’s the boots with sweater dress combination. Find some thick socks, opt for over the knee boots, and then throw on your favorite sweater dress. Voila! You look a million dollars, and there’s not a single chilly goosebump to be found. The good thing about this combination is the versatility: you can add scarves, jackets, hats, and any other winter accessories, or you can wear just as it is.

Reusing Your Summer Clothes

It would be logical to think that you should pack away all of your summer clothes when the cold weather sets in, but not so fast! By making just a few adjustments, you can keep your warm weather favorites a staple in your wardrobe all the year round. All it takes is a few extra layers! Load up on tights, cardigans, and other winter warmers, and you can wear just about anything all the year round. Florals, in particular, look extra magnificent when the weather outside is drab. Also, leggings, leggings, leggings: there’ll be a lifesaver.

Fashionable This Winter

A Winning Coat And Hat Combo

Of course, you won’t always be dashing out and about, with your outfit on display. Most of the time, we’re just running from our car to the shop/office/home. As such, it’s all about the coat and hat combination. Invest in the best pieces, and you’ll look good the whole season – even when it’s the only thing anyone sees you wearing!  

The Lazy Layabout Look

Finally, remember that the rules are a little bit lax during the winter (maybe because it’s dark and we’re on display less!). Find that cozy sweater, and rock that lazy layabout look. You’ll be comfortable, warm, and looking cute: a great trio!


  1. These are great layering tips! 🙂 I like to try wear my summer pieces year round too. As you said, with the right layers, it’s often possible! 🙂

    Summer here in Australia at the moment though!

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