5 Tips On How To Capture NYFW With Pixel 2

How To Capture NYFW

New York Fashion Week is notoriously fast-paced, and offers an abundance of opportunities to shoot compelling photos. Capturing the essence of Fashion Week can be tricky, but I’ve mastered a few foolproof ways to get those perfect shots with the help of Google’s Pixel 2. Here’s how I capture runway trends, backstage beauty, street style, and everything in between.

Capture beauty trends in lush detail with Portrait Mode

Backstage photos of models’ hair and makeup are personal and intimate, and can make anyone feel like they were right there with you. A big part of a show’s overall aesthetic is reflected in the hair and makeup, adding to the designer’s story. There are typically two to three variations of beauty looks being presented. I love to capture these details with Portrait Mode on Pixel 2: it focuses attention on the model’s face by blurring out hectic background noise and lets the makeup and hair pop.

Shoot streetwear right

I love seeing what people are wearing to NYFW as much as I love seeing what’s coming down the runways. How are people who live and breathe fashion putting together their look? So many trends emerge from streetwear that inspire me to take risks and try new things.

To shoot streetwear, there are two different approaches. First, you can use a professional camera with several lenses and scope out popular show locations like Skylight Clarkson Square or Spring Studios. Several well-known street style photographers work this way, and I really respect their eye.

The alternative, and what I do, is this: attach a lens to your smartphone. I love using Moment Gear with my Pixel 2 to capture wide shots as well as details. I use an 18mm for a wider angle and 60mm for zoom. With unlimited storage on the Pixel 2, you never have to worry about running out of space during the runways shows, so snap away!

5 Tips On How To Capture NYFW With Pixel 2

Capture your own ootd

If you’re attending NYFW, your readers and followers definitely want to see both sides of the camera. If you have a break between shows, find a bright, Instagrammable place (my favorite spot is La Sirena for its amazing floors) and have a friend snap a few shots of your outfit. No friend? Grab a mirror shot (bonus points if you have a cute Live Case attached to your Pixel 2)!

No optimal lighting? No problem!

Capturing designs coming down the catwalk or hosted in a presentation is simple if you have the right camera. I love using my Pixel 2 to capture these fast-moving scenes that at times have complicated lighting. Pixel 2 adjusts to nearly any lighting to capture a clean, clear shot. It’s the highest rated camera phone on the market, plus it’s super lightweight and easy to carry with you through the day.

Editing on the go

I love that Pixel 2 lets me edit and share files quickly. Representing the looks authentically is my priority, but I do use Snapseed or Aviary to quickly crop, brighten and fix any flaws in composition. Then I group the images into a single album on Google Photos and share with peers, brands, coworkers or team members. Creating and sharing an album of over a hundred images takes less than five minutes!

5 Tips On How To Capture NYFW With Pixel 2

What are you most excited to see during New York Fashion Week? Let me know in the comments below!


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