5 Amazing Holiday Office Party Outfits

Holiday Office Party Outfits

If your annual holiday office party is coming up, I have just the looks for you. From long dresses to my personal favorite, jumpsuits! Pick a look that suits your personality and impresses your co-workers. No matter what your style is, you can create the perfect outfit for the next holiday office party without looking like everyone else. Find out how below!

The Perfect Cocktail Dress

You can never go wrong with a cute cocktail dress, provided it is not too short. The little black dress is always a great and appropriate option for an office party. To be a tad more creative, select a new color trend! Try a dark blue dress and combine it with bright white booties and faux fur accessories for maximum contrast. Or for an afternoon party, wear a dark floral dress and match it with shiny metallic accessories.  


This is my personal favorite because it looks so chic and requires minimal effort! Invest in a versatile jumpsuit that will show off your figure and still create an appropriate office look. For a more feminine statement, try a silk jumpsuit combined with a matching bolero jacket. Jumpsuits can be worn with high heels or flats, whatever you prefer!

Trouser Suits

For women who want to take it up a notch and look more sophisticated, trouser suits are a great alternative. If you happen to be the boss, this is the perfect office party outfit for you. To have a little fun with the look, try a satin trouser suit and a floral patterned tie to match the main color. For shoes, pair the look with a sleek stiletto. Trouser suits are popular office outfits for ladies, and those with contrasting colors are very easy to get noticed.

The Skirt and Blouse Combination

When in doubt, a skirt and blouse combo never fails. An elegant silk blouse combined with a pencil skirt is always appropriate for an office party. Add a touch of glamour by combining a leather pencil skirt with a cashmere top. It is festive, warm, and looks beautiful on anyone.

Long Dresses

If your holiday office party is formal, you might want to go with a longer dress. Look for the dress code on the invite and ask colleagues to double check. A sleek maxi dress in a maroon colro is my go-to for any formal holiday parties. However, if you are bored with the traditional maxi dress, there are plenty of unique dress outfit ideas on the internet that combine long dresses with scarves, ties, bows, and even long boots. I love to look through style inspirations when channeling a new look. 

I hope these tips help! No matter if you want to impress your boss, colleagues, or simply make a fashion statement, you can dress in a creative way for your next holiday office party. Make your co-workers remember your outfit by combining new styles and carefully matching accessories, designs, and colors.


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