4 Tricks To Naturally Whiten Teeth like an Aussie

Who doesn’t want to have nice, pearly-white teeth? Australians are generally very laid-back people who don’t mind salt on their skin and in their hair because they spend hours at the beach every day. They like casual outfits and flip-flops, but one thing they can’t live without are white teeth. Their entire outfit and hairstyle can be casual, but their teeth have to be white. To get a set of pearly-whites like a real Aussie, here are 4 easy tips to naturally whiten teeth.

Activated Charcoal

You might hesitate in giving activated charcoal a chance. Who darkens their teeth to make them white, right? Well, you will be surprised how effective activated charcoal is for teeth whitening. It flushes out toxins from your mouth and removes stains from your teeth, making them bright and clean as if you just came from the dentist. Simply dip a wet toothbrush in charcoal powder and use it to brush your teeth like you usually do.


Everyone knows that lemon is good for teeth whitening, but Aussies love using strawberries instead of lemon. A combination of strawberries, baking soda, and some salt makes a powerful scrub which does wonders for your teeth. Vitamin C from strawberries helps break down plaque which is the main cause of yellow and darkened teeth, while different enzymes help remove surface stains. Leaving your teeth bright and clean! Salt is there to scrub the surface of your teeth, just like baking soda. Mash strawberries and add a pinch of salt and baking soda to the pulp. Use the pulp as toothpaste and see for yourself what great results you will get.

naturally whiten teeth

Coconut Oil

Rinsing your mouth with coconut oil may sound like madness, but the process is very old and well-known in different cultures. It’s called ‘oil pulling’ and people have been using it for a very long time. It’s not like typical bleaching because there are no harsh chemicals involved, but it does leave your teeth whiter and much healthier. Oil is also great for your gums and makes your breath fresh. Just use a teaspoon of coconut oil in the morning before you brush your teeth and swill it around your mouth, spit, and rinse your mouth with water.

Straighten Them

You would be surprised how important it is to have straight teeth if you want them to be white. When you have crooked teeth, it’s much easier for them to be darkened by food or drinks. This is because they are harder to properly cleaned after meals, which makes it easier for microscopic food particles to get stuck in-between teeth. Based on the facts published by the Orthoworx,  we can conclude that people who decide to wear braces usually end up with not only straighter but whiter teeth. They start flossing on a regular basis and use an interdental brush, a small brush which can be straight or angled, which makes it easier to clean areas which are usually difficult to reach.  

Don’t hide your teeth in photos because you don’t like the color. Take advice from Aussies for a naturally brighter smile. 


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