4 Tips for Decluttering Your Home While Staying Environmentally Responsible

decluttering home

Stuff accumulates over time and becomes clutter. Clutter minimizes the space in your home, ends up wasting your time as you try to find things, and makes it harder to clean. Plus, clutter has a way of adding stress — and who needs more stress in their life?

Decluttering your home is one of the best things you can do to keep a clean and comfortable living space and foster your mental health. And when you do it in an eco-friendly way, you can rest easy knowing that you are benefiting the environment as well as your life. To get started, here are four tips for decluttering your home in an environmentally responsible way.

Keep It Decluttered

One essential factor in decluttering your home is keeping it that way. It can be disheartening to spend ample time and hard work clearing out space and belongings only to realize that you’re back where you started six months ago. In other words, after the initial decluttering, you should never stop maintaining cleanliness. One thing that can help you keep your space clean is to purchase a good vacuum. Look into commercial vacuums; they are typically better than residential vacuums for picking up dirt and debris, and they can make your job a lot easier.

Recycle When You Can

Recycling is one of the most practical ways you can make a difference in the environment. While it’s important to recycle household items like aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and corrugated cardboard, the bigger stuff is what often goes un-recycled. Things like electronics, mattresses, and appliances are filling up landfills, which isn’t doing anything to help the environment. Instead of trashing these items, give them to friends or family, or donate them to an organization, if they are in good working order. Otherwise, there are recycling centers that take in such items. For instance, if you have an old computer that doesn’t function properly, a recycling center can dismantle it and salvage the components for someone who needs them.

Digitize Your Memories

Another way to cut the clutter is to digitize your photos. If you’re like a lot of people, you have boxes, albums, and scrapbooks filled with old photos. While it’s nice to have these, they are most likely collecting dust and taking up space that could be used to make room or store newer items. Going digital with your photos will allow you to keep the memories alive while simultaneously saving space. Some people like to scan their photos themselves, but this method is very time-consuming. A more effective way is to send your photos to a company that will scan, edit, and archive them for a reasonable fee. The safest way to back up your photos is to both get a hard copy (e.g., DVD) and store them on the cloud.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Once you’ve decluttered your home a bit, you’ll realize how much easier it is to clean. Why not go the extra mile for the environment by focusing on green cleaning? Using eco-friendly cleaning products is a proactive way to protect the environment. These products are manufactured through sustainable practices and contain ingredients that are naturally derived, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Not only do green cleaning products help protect the environment, but they also contribute to cleaner indoor air and a healthier household.

The clutter that accumulates in our lives over time can bring about many disadvantages, not the least of which is excessive stress and anxiety. Simplify your life while caring for the environment by recycling everything you can, digitizing your photos, using green cleaning products, and maintaining a clutter-free space once it’s clean. You may be surprised how much of a positive impact it will have on your everyday life.


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