4 Perfumes perfect for every moment of Summer

4 Summer Perfumes

It is the season for really light, floral and whimsical fragrances. I honestly can say Spring and Summer perfumes are my favorite. I lean towards floral scents and shy away from musks.

Here are my favorites perfumes this season, taking you from date night into vacation mode:

4 perfect summer perfumes

Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf

Such a fun scent, slightly heavier than the L’Eau de Rose. This makes for a great date night signature scent and can be worn year round. It is available at Sephora right here!

Ikat Jasmin by Aerin 

I love all of Aerin’s Spring & Summer fragrances right now. I have been wearing the Ikat Jasmin nonstop. It reminds me of perfectly pressed linen drapes blowing in the windows of a summer house that is possibly surrounded by a field of flowers. Descriptive, I know. I wear this with light linen dresses and pants. It is a great vacation scent. You can purchase it at Sephora here.

Paris et Moi by Jafra’s

This perfume is very magical as the scent is layered. It starts with a very distinct spice that is fierce and playful. Then it transitions into a settle romantic scent that reminds me of Paris. It is such a treat for the palette. I love wearing this on summer nights where you never know where you might end up. Very magical and whimsical.

L’Eau de Rose by Jeanne Arthes

This has become my new favorite everyday scent. It is very feminine, light and romantic. A cute touch to any summer dress. Sadly this was found in my Glossybox but can be purchased on eBay. They really need to make this fragrance more accessible.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I want to explore on a new perfume after I finish my current. Currently finishing the Versace Bright Crystal. 🙂


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