3 Tricks in Becoming More Comfortable with Daring Outfits

Daring Outfits

Just about everyone has had that experience of looking at a breathtaking dress, or a jacket that just screams “attitude”, and fighting an inner battle about whether to buy it or not. That battle isn’t just about the price tag, either. It’s all too often about our own lack of confidence in putting ourselves out there and trying something that seems just a bit too daring, or that seems like it was made for people who were just “better” than us in some way.

This kind of thinking has almost always got less to do with reality than it does with our own self image issues. While not every specific outfit will suit every individual person, every category of style you could imagine will have clothes suited to a variety of body types.

It’s all about expanding your comfort zone and learning how to be more courageous about your style. With practice, you can feel comfortable rocking just about any look, and before long you can expect to find yourself happily using effective beauty products like collagen powder in combination with makeup and outfits that the earlier you would have been too shy to dare experiment with.

Here are some tips for getting there.

Try a variety of looks 

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are always ways to highlight assets and work around what you may consider problem areas within every style category. It just takes some time finding what works.

For instance, if you would love to wear elegant dresses or you have a burning love for punk-styles, try a variety of fits. There are a plethora of options these days, don’t rule out a particular style just because one outfit didn’t work. Keep trying different combinations in the dressing room. Sooner or later, you’re bound to find that one silhouette that will work surprisingly well.

Force yourself to wear daring outfits out

The idea of putting on that one pair of jeans that you’ve kept hidden in your closet for years might be terrifying at first. You may well have mental images of suffering a full-fledged anxiety attack in the middle of the street.

The thing is, a lot of anxieties and insecurities actually fade with time and practice. Our sense of style, and what we’re confident enough to wear, has a lot to do with our habits and what we’ve become accustomed to.

While you might return from your test-run deciding that those jeans need to get destroyed as soon as possible, you might also find that by putting yourself out there on a regular basis is liberating. You’ll start to feel more comfortable wearing edgier outfits the more and more you do it.

Use style icons as inspiration

There are a lot of celebs who perfectly embody different daring and edgy styles. It’s practically a requirement for working in the music or film industries.

Pay attention to the ones that inspire you the most. See the ways they style different looks and the color-combinations they use. Then take inspiration from them while planning your own, new, daring wardrobe.

I hope this article inspires you to take more risks and go outside your comfort zone. Let me know in the comments what style you would love to try the most! You can rock whatever your heart desires, friends!


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