10 Travel Essentials For Your Holiday Trip

10 Travel Essentials For Your Holiday Trip

Ekk! Thanksgiving is next week which means the busiest travel week is upon us. I too am heading out for the holidays this year and cannot wait! I don’t know about you, but a vacation and a little downtime are exactly what I need. Every year, I pack a small bag and a big bag to travel. Both which get’s through security and on the plane with ease. Yep, I have mastered the art of traveling with only carry-ons. I, in fact, went to Europe for a full month with only one small roller bag and a purse. If you want for me to write a post on how to pack light, let me know in the comments!

Today I am sharing what I bring with me on my holiday travels. It’s typically the same essentials each year. And it looks a little something like this!

10 Travel Essentials For Your Holiday Trip

1) To begin, you must have a wonderful roller suitcase. Mine is from Diane Von Furstenberg Studio, and it has been a lifesaver! It is super cute, colorful, and has lasted through many travels for 5 years. A similar option would be this roller suitcase. Find one that is big enough to carry all your clothes but small enough to have as a carryon.

2) First aid kit. Pack all the things you may need while away. This not only saves money but also time and discomfort. My first aid includes: Dramamine ( I get airplane sickness without it), Midol and other female supplies, a handful of Bandaids (it is amazing how much these come in hand), Zquil in case the hotel is super loud and I just want to rest, earplugs, and Pepto Bismol. Bring the things that you think you might need while away that will keep you comfortable. Even if you don’t use them, at least you have this first aid kit nearby.

3) Travel Hair and Skin Care. Maybe it is age, but I come to realize how amazing it is to have really nice hair and skin care products while away. I pack travel size Evo hair care, and Formula 10.0.06 cleanser. I also love to pack a couple face mask sheets. They are fun to do at night while winding down. I really love Sephora’s masks .

4) Clothes and Shoes. Alright, here comes the science behind carryon packing. I bring two pairs of shoes only. A pair of sneakers that I wear and a pair of nice sandals or boots depending on the weather. Next are undergarments, obviously bring enough for the amount of time away. Then I pack a pair of yoga pants, sports bra, and workout tee. Following that is one or two pairs of jeans and two sweaters (or tops). If I know I have an event, I pack accordingly. Otherwise, I always make sure to have one nice outfit just in case. If you have additional room for clothes, fill it in with other favorites you wear regularly. Don’t pack anything that you’ve never worn before because chances are you won’t wear it on vacation either.

5) Electronics. Are you planning to work while away? Then room for your laptop is a must. I pack mine in my roller suitcase so I don’t have to feel the weight on my shoulders. I also pack my phone for music and keep all the chargers in one place that I can access easily.

6) Entertainment. A book or magazine may seem old school, but they come in hand! Whether on the plane or if you have some downtime in your room, it is nice to read something. Right now I am reading Joe Biden’s Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope and Glamour Magazine latest issue.

7) Snacks. If you’re going on a road trip, definitely pack some snacks. I love fresh fruit and mixed nuts. If you are boarding a plane, try snack bars!

8) Water or water bottle. Another way to save a bit of cash is by bringing your own water bottle or water. Staying hydrated while traveling is not only best for your health but also keeps your skin and hair looking great.

9) Beauty Must Haves. The last to pack are my beauty tools and makeup bag. I pack one foundation, concealer, bronzer, and blush. One blender and brush. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and of course hair straightener.

10) Bring a sense of adventure. Where ever you’re heading, make sure you slow down and enjoy the journey. Take a moment to shut down social media and work emails to focus on what’s in front. Get lost in a new town, go with the flow with loved ones. Explore, laugh, breathe, meditate, and enjoy!


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