10 Easy Steps for Perfect Makeup

10 Easy Steps for Perfect Makeup

Every woman likes to look her best, and makeup is one of those tools that can turn your reflection from dull to glowing in a matter of minutes. But, when applied wrong, makeup can also age your appearance and damage your skin. When you know how to apply your makeup smoothly, it can make all the difference to your morning routine. So, here are a few tips for getting it right every time.

Eye Makeup

You may have heard about the trick to keep your eyeshadow in place by putting a concealer or foundation base on your eyelids. Yes, your eyeshadow may last a bit longer, but you’re also likely to get creases on your eyelids that won’t look very attractive. Apply your eye makeup to fresh skin and reapply throughout the day if you need to. Or you can try a eyeshadow primer that’s lighter than foundation. That way, you avoid creases throughout the day.

Applying Your Foundation

Different makeup artists have different techniques for applying foundation. The truth is, every technique will result in a different kind of coverage. It’s a good idea to experiment by applying your foundation in different ways. Use your fingers, a brush and sponges to create different levels of coverage. You may find that you need to use more than one method while applying your foundation. Many people find they need different levels of coverage for different areas of the face. Possibly full coverage on your cheeks but light coverage for your forehead. 

10 easy steps for perfect makeup

Using Powder

Using a powder foundation on your face can be tricky if you’re hoping for a smooth finish, especially if you’re used to applying moisturizer before your makeup. Take a look at 10 moisturizers to layer underneath your makeup for a better all-round application. When using powder, always apply the most to areas of the skin that tend to be the shiniest. You’ll only need a thin layer of powder everywhere else. If powder isn’t giving you enough coverage, don’t be tempted to continue powdering your face throughout the day. The result will be creased and an uneven shade.


It’s nice to use a bit of bronzer to add a different kind of glow. However, it’s so easy to get the application of bronzer wrong. Many people only use bronzer on their face which makes their facial skin look entirely different to the skin tones on the rest of the body. When using bronzer, it’s important to apply to the face, neck, and chest. Take a step back from the mirror and make sure the color of your skin is even. Apply in small amounts until you’ve reached the color you’re happy with.

10 Easy Steps for Perfect Makeup


It’s important to match your blush to your skin tone before using it. There are so many different shades of blush that it’s easy to get it wrong if you blindly pick one off the shelf in the beauty store. Ask an in-store makeup artist to help you match the tone of the skin. To apply evenly, smile and brush the blush over the apples of your cheeks. To add a touch more color to your face, stroke the brush from your cheeks to the top of your ears. You can also apply some highlighter for extra shine.


As many women already know, defining the eyebrows can entirely change the look of the face. Having more definition means your face looks brighter and fresher. Run an eyebrow pencil gently across the brow to add more color. If you don’t get the definition you want with a pencil, try using a darker shade shadow instead. Just adding that little bit of extra color to your brows gives you an instant face lift.


Applying lipstick is actually trickier than it looks, especially when you’re using a strong color, like Red or Brown. Again, finding the right shade for you is important. The wrong shade can completely drain the face of all it’s color. When applying, start at the top of the lips (the cupid’s bow) and extend the lipstick down to the corners of the mouth. Once you’re finished, take a piece of tissue and blot the excess lipstick from your lips. If you have a good lipstick, you shouldn’t need to re-apply more than twice a day.

10 Easy Steps for Perfect Makeup


Eyeliner can be a tricky business when you aren’t sure of how to apply it properly. It’s even trickier when you consider all the ways that eyeliner can be applied. You can watch an eyeliner tutorial here. Instead of looking straight at the mirror, get as close as possible and tilt up your head upwards. Look down into the corner of your eye and start applying the eyeliner from there. Use a small flick of the pencil at the end if you’re going for a winged effect.


Some might say that mascara is a woman’s best friend. It can make the smallest of eyelashes appear twice as long as they are. To apply mascara correctly, brush up through the lashes and back down over the lashes. If you’re using winged eyeliner, you can add to the effect by sweeping your mascara brush through your lashes sideways, towards the wing and flicking the end lashes upwards. It’s called ‘The Feline Eye’ and it’s perfect for switching from a day look into a night look.

Fake Tan

We all want that sun-kissed glow our skin gets at the end of a holiday in a hot destination. But, that’s not always possible all year round. So, the next best thing is fake tan. It gives us the foundation we need for our makeup to shine and our skin to look it’s healthiest. The last thing you want to notice is streaks in your fake tan or dry flaking skin. Before applying your tan, thoroughly scrub the skin and apply a generous amount of moisturizer to dry areas of the body, like the elbows and knees. This should ensure an even tan and smooth skin.


It isn’t always easy looking your best, but perfect makeup shouldn’t have to be a hassle.

Photos by Annie Spratt 

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