Unexpected Combinations For Fall

A trend that’s looming this fall is unexpected combinations. Meaning pairing pieces you wouldn’t normally match. For instance, track pants with a white button down shirt as seen here.

Happily Grey is one of my favorite bloggers who does this trend exceptionally well, but it was also spotted all over the Georgine SS ’17 Runway Show this past fashion week. The collection was filled with mixed patterns like plaid and polka dots. Varied  colors such as bright yellows and deep purples. Rich textures such as leather with metal, and lace with fur. Most surprising is the mixed silhouettes; combining culottes with trench coats, and short sleeve jackets with long sleeve undershirts.

Other combinations in the collection were: Soft lace with combat boots, safety pins with super structured leather dresses, metallic leopard print and pinstriped skirts, and sequins with pink dyed fur. Not to forget those vivid track pants with leather detailing that swayed as the models moved. While the collection hinted on the other popular trend, 90’s punk rock, there were many notes of unexpected combinations. Take a look for yourself.

Unexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFW Unexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFWUnexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFW Unexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFWUnexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFWUnexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFWUnexpected Combinations Georgine SS '17 NYFW

Georgine is a New York based designer and debuted at New York Fashion Week in 2014.

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  1. Great post! Fashion is constantly trying out bold and new things! Great photos! I started following you on BlogLovin and hopefully you can return the favor! XO

  2. I love when we see practical, yet bold and unexpected styling on the runways, it really is inspiring to step outside of our comfort zones a bit, without feeling as though we’re dressing in a costume! I love the idea of mixing a more preppy, sophisticated piece, such as button up shirt, with a more relaxed, athleisure piece, such as track pants! Thanks so much for sharing your trend report with us, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  3. Fashion is all about going out of the comfort zone and combining clothes/patterns.. All these trends are pretty amazing and wearable. I was bold over by that safety pin dress.. It looked so aesthetically pleasing! Thank you so much for sharing Ellese 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  4. Love this trend!
    I’ve always pair different textures, like leather and lace.
    But I haven’t been so brave as to pair patterns.

    So inspiring 🙂 Xo

  5. I love some of these combinations! Sometimes we just gotta go for it and play with fashion.

    Emma | Fashion Photographer and Model | emmanmh.com

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